• Published 7th Sep 2017
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The TwiDash Family - Cutest Boxer Puppy Ever

After having their foal that is Rainbow Light they are now going to a wonderful hotel.

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Arrived At Ponyville

30 minutes later, they arrived at Ponyville the train stopped and they got off their friends were there so they told their story

“Wow that was a really good story I loved the restaurant part,” Pinkie Pie said.

“Um, I like it when um, Rainbow Dash played with, Rainbow Light,” Fluttershy said, everypony agreed that was their favourite part, except Pinkie Pie.

And once again for the first time The TwiDash Family had a good time with there family vacation.

To be continued...

Author's Note:

Sorry if you didn't like the story in the comments don't be too harsh to me I’m really sensitive but if you want me to edit it I can I wanted to finish it at night time.

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I stayed up all night for nothing

I edited a bit of Arrived at Ponyville

:ajbemused: Really everyone tells me to get an editor I’m sick of it and my friends and family says that I can become anything so I became a story writer I don't care if you like it or not I’m just sick of people saying get an editor! You got that?! :flutterrage::rainbowhuh::twilightangry2:😡

Comment posted by MythrilMoth deleted Sep 8th, 2017

It has been edited only took out Sparkle in Twilight’s name

People are just trying to help you okay? You don't have to act so mean...

Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash sure are lucky to have a filly because fillies do not poop —— ¡poop is filthy, smelly, and disgusting!

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