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After a long lasting war which has ended by the death of many men, brought down by a deadly virus, the only remaining country of the West Continent, Equestria, has been organized into seperated cities and town, surrounded by fortifications, called Ghetto. The Ghetto of Canterlot have been destroyed almost completely and Sunset Shimmer needs the best remaining soldiers to help her preventing from another disaster from striking the land.
But in that merciless land without laws, where it's everybody for themselves, will she and her team be able to defeat the plans of the leader of the Hive, determined to gain the absolute power over Equestria's inhabitants? Will their efforts be enough? Is there any chance for this flower, this last flower, to grow and bloom again?

Proofread by Cutest Boxer Puppy Ever

Chapters (10)
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Uhh... post-apocalyptic AU?

This’ll either be horrible or great. Until I get more plot, I’m not sure what this is.

This already got ALL my attention *sits in her chair with popcorn* Don't mind me, I'll be watching closely.

Ni, you did it again. Catched my attention in no time, and you can be sure I'll follow this story, like, a lot.

(Sunset... What are you doing here?)

OMG i love it 😍😍 i hope you will upload the next chapter soon because it’s so interesting :rainbowkiss::raritystarry:

I love these kinds of stories so I'm looking forward to this! :raritystarry:

The bottom of her face was devoured by a black scarf which prevented from seeing anything else than a pair of blue eyes. Her hair was covered by a scarf as well, but a few red strands escaped.

I thought it was Dash but she has magenta eyes…I thought it was Sunset but she has turquoise eyes…but Sunset's eyes can also technically be classified as blue so…I have no idea :rainbowlaugh:

“Safe”, was all the nurse answered.

“Safe,” was all the nurse answered.

“Got to get used to untimely fingering here, dude”, hurled the man with his hoarse voice. “And seeing the merchandise, it’s going to happen, like, a lot. All day and all night long, I’d say.”

“Got to get used to untimely fingering here, dude,” hurled the man with his hoarse voice.



“You knew her very well, so what do you think? Would the Everfree Forrest be a place where would hide First Lieutenant Rainbow Dash?”

Dun dun DUUNN

Oh god... :rainbowderp: Did she really... Just killed Sunset or Am I mistaken?

Sunset has arrived on the scene…we can only hope this will go well

Oh, em, hmm, well... I admit that was embarrassing :rainbowderp: Poor Soarin.

Twilight and Dash are cousins!? Well, I never saw that one coming!

(I wonder why Sunset didn't mentioned Soarin in all her come-and-help-us-please-I-beg-you talk. Probably because Dash also thinks he's dead. Yeah. It must be that) (Still wondering what were Sunset's real intentions when saving Soarin)

I love long chapters! You know I love long stories. The arc thing was more like a TTAG thing in my opinion, so I think maybe you should leave them like that. If you want to, obviously.

Pff, Soarin's now forever scarred 🙈

I'd say keep them together but if it's easier to split them, then go for that :)

Sunset did it! She actually convicted Dash of going! Let's see how that ends up.

What about Soarin? He also was part of this list of missing persons, and for him too, she had been waiting, her heart filled with hope, for him to appear in front of her, his arms opened to get her. But he had never appeared. And she never could have come to terms with his potential death.

Eh... I would reconsider that right now, hehe...

When she rose her head, with a crooked and weak smile contrasting with the tears on her cheeks, Rainbow Dash immediately recognized the familiar face.

“Muffin… What the hell are you doing here?” she asked her before she started to get her off the ropes again.

Oh, Derpy/Muffin! Hi there! Now, what the freaking hell are you doing in the middle of, oh, I don't know, THE MOST DANGEROUS FOREST THERE IS?!?!

Not that she didn’t like children, but that she didn’t know how she would react when she saw this one without a preliminary mental preparation.

Sooner or later, she would have to look at this baby. She knew it. Meanwhile, she would do her best to avoid it, though she wasn’t sure of how she could do such a thing.

I already have a freaky theory. If it's right, well fuck, I'll cry. A lot. If not, then I don't get what happened with Dash and babies.

Sunset's managed to convince Dash…let's see how this goes on with the three of them...oh and Muffin of course!

As far as Rainbow Dash was concerned, the vision rather felt like a nightmare. Even today, she could precisely tell where this boutique had been, where the big exchange market had happened, where the Ivory, Equestria’s black market, was hidden… She could picture all the streets in which Twilight, Fluttershy and herself used to run, the benches on which they sat to eat poppy-flavored candies, every of the places where they used to play, exchanging secrets and trying to fix old transistors found at the National garbage dump. Even this dump had been wiped away…

Her heart tightened inside her chest, and it felt like she was chocking. Her hands clasped around her father’s badge that her mother had given her before she left. She was trying to hold on to it with all her soul, afraid to sink into unconsciousness if she let it go for even a second.

Wow... This felt so real...

This place that had been her last abode, this place where she met with her destiny. This place where, as strange as it seemed, though she had been learning the best ways to kill an enemy, she also knew an unprecedented bliss.

This is so contradictory yet it's true...

It felt like her heart would stop when she had a glimpse of what looked like a piano, half sunk inside the rubbles, with only one side of it unbroken.

Something tells me this piano has a backstory...

"Rainbow Dash… Is that you?”

Oh my gosh, it isn't...?

Sensations felt too real to be these of a dream or of an illusion. When she felt Soarin’s arms holding her and nestling her against his body, Rainbow Dash knew she was going through reality, as palpable as the visions of the end of the world that surrounded them.

WAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH I'M CRYING!!! Gosh, so beautiful! AAAAAAHHHHH!! This was even better than I imagined!

Her instinct didn’t trick her. The young woman’s cheeks were scarlet and small sweat drops were shining on her forehead. She never made any secret of her claustrophobia, which almost deprived her of her job as a Military Healer… A trauma which dated back to her preteen years, when she had to wait for days and days, on her own and in the dark, for a sand storm to stop, locked up in a shelter.

Oh, Pinkie! :fluttershysad:

Much to his surprise, Rainbow Dash didn’t welcome him with the wide smile he was expecting. She pushed the door so strongly the thing closed up against his nose, her face red from embarrassment.


How many times had he seen her naked, or had he looked at naked parts of her skin? She never been the modest type, especially not with him. If he closed his eyes, he could still sketch every curve of her body. He knew exactly where were each of her birthmarks, each of her beauty spots and scars.

This sounds so intimate and romantic that I blushed. I promise I blushed.

This chapter in a nutshell? Dash is a badass and she isn't afraid of showing it.

Before I read this, I must know: Why would anyone name their home "Ghetto"? Last time I checked, you don't want to be in one of those.

Oohh, fuck. Oooohhhhhh myyyyyyy fuuuuuucking gooooosh.

I'm breathless...

Oooookay. Hooooooookay.

“When I woke up at the Military Hospital, with my mother and Pinkie Pie by my side… I’ve been told I was pregnant.”

I... My theory on why Dash wasn't able to look at Dinky was that she lost a baby... And I was right... I'm crying, because it's so sad that I'm right...

“I have child?”

“You don’t.”

“But you just said that…”

“She was still-born.”

Oh, Soarin... My baby boy Soarin, dearest male character for me of the whole cartoon... Oh I'm crying :fluttercry: She... Still-born... I... Was she Fire Swift? She can't be Fire Swift, can she? Fire Swift is a cutie, I can't :raritycry:

I can't even...

I hate you so much, Ni (just kidding, I love you, my friend :heart:). This was totally unexpected yet expected and I don't know what's worst :raritydespair:

Buckets of tears... Buckets... :raritycry:

Now, that aside (I will never forget this Ijust commented about). THIS was an awesome addition to the chapter:

Still today, Rarity remembered who was the person who told her about this place. A man, top brass Military with rainbow hair which reminded her something. He told her his name was Bow Hothoof and she was sure his hair wasn’t the only thing the man shared with the Military girl in front of her.

Oh, you are good. You are very good, Ni, at giving the story great and meaningful details. Awesome.

Loved this chapter.

Well, the thing is... These places are closed and the population is very distrustful, they don't really want any strangers to enter their "home"... At first, I wanted just to call them "Cities" but it seems a bit too welcoming to me...

I don't know why, I was sure you would react this way :rainbowlaugh: (It wasn't Fire Swift :twilightsmile:)

Man, I felt that. It must be so hard to see her memories in literal ruins.
Things won't be the same between Soarin and Dash but that's to be expected 💔

I…did not see that one coming O.O That's depressing omg, I feel so sad WHYYYY :raritydespair: (I'm kinda high on coffee and BTS videos right now so I may be a bit weirder than normal *cough*)

My world...

Um... How to describe what was beyond amazing? This was so complete! Loved it, though a bit sad in the end, but this is a dystopia.

Discord as a leader never came to mind, but to such and eccentric place as Las Pegasus it was totally expected.

Hey! Cheese! I love that guy! He's so funny :pinkiehappy:

And... I can't help but pitying Soarin. He was so happy that everything was back to normal (or he thought so) and reality suddenly slapped him in the face in quite an abrupt way. But I can also understand Dash perfectly on why she couldn't, but yet... Welp, I'll have to wait to see how awkward it'll be to them the next day, and until she finally tells him (or show him or whatever), though I can picture a lot how that I'll go, knowing Soarin.

• euphoria •

a feeling or state of intense excitement and happiness.

When I was reading the last part of this, where they go out and have fun, this was the only thing I could think of. Euphoria. A rush of happiness...but it's limited, just temporary. It fits xP

Welp, and here I thought Soarin and Dash'd go all the way, dammit xD

Oh. My. Gosh.

This was.


Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful.

It's nice seeing moments from before the war, seeing stuff from when everything was fine. I loved seeing the development in their relationship <3

And it's alright! Take all the time you need! :)


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