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Back then, she thought that her existence couldn't make a difference. She had wanted to die and failed, and had to go a long way before thinking it was only for the best...
After watching "It's A Wonderful Life" with Soarin, Rainbow Dash goes through a strange experience in which she has a glimpse of what her world could be like without her in the picture...

Included in the continuity of The Truth About Girls (Vol. 3)

Dedicated to my Zsu Zsu and Midday :heart:

Featured on 15/02/2018 and 16/02/2018

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Cool pic talk about Edgy Anime Rainbow dash

This was so beautiful :rainbowkiss: I think I'll cry.

Oh, wow, life would be very deppressing for our dear Mane-6, Soarin and almost everyone if Dash... Well, didn't survived. Probably what made me sad the most was Sunset suiciding, Twilight leaving CHS and Soarin moving from Canterlot. So sad :fluttercry:

This is a very touching piece, my friend. You did awesome once again :raritywink:

(I'm so honored you dedicated this to me and Zsu Zsu, you are the best :heart:)

I love this! It kinda reminds me of the Butterfly Effect. It's true how one person can make another's life very different :heart:

very emotional fic here

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