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Rainbow Dash is cursed, cursed with the constant need to dab at any given moment, and it's starting to get on her friend's nerves.

Not gonna stop them from getting sidetracked though.

Edit: Just saying, if you don't know what dabbing is, this probably isn't something for you

Chapters (1)

a strong desire to know or learn something.
"filled with curiosity, she peered through the window"
synonyms: interest, spirit of inquiry, inquisitiveness
"his evasiveness roused my curiosity"

The name of a useless griffin cub.

Curiosity can't fly, she isn't athletic, and she hates hunting.

However, she does love to stray away from the pack.

During a class field trip to an ancient city's ruins, Curiosity falls through the floors of an old castle, and there, she meets a proud creature.

And as she listens to this broken and bruised creature's tales,

her curiosity over the beings that once occupied her home turns to defiance against her own people.

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Twilight Sparkle always thought that friendship (and by association, magic) was the strongest force in the universe. But what happens when she finds something even stronger?

This story brought to you by my patreon supporter: Josephi Krakowski

Cover Art provided by the illustrious Mix-up (who is also open for commissions and always a great pleasure to work with)

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Sequel to The Crystal Prep Files

After finally returning to Equestria, Sunset Shimmer accepts Starlight's challenge and face off in a magical duel. What's the worst that could happen?

Chapters (2)

Princess Twilight's story that she lost to Starlight Glimmer - despite having the power of an alicorn - caught Sunset by surprise. Twilight really should have won handily, and she demands an experiment to test Twilight's skill at magical combat.

Finding it sub-par, and having quite a bit of experience in strategy from a certain pastime, Sunset decides Twilight needs to improve. For that she needs a sparring partner.


A not-entirely-canon side-story I wanted to do about unicorns and asskicking, based off of the Sunset and company from Shooting For Friendship. Set after Friendship Games. Oh, fine. I just wanted Twilight and Sunset to fight with magic.

Marked as complete because I might not ever do anything else with it. Less of a story, more of exercise for me.


I must request that any edits or writing recommendation be sent to me as a PM, not in the comments. Please. Otherwise I LOVE COMMENTS.

Chapters (2)

What if in Equestria Discord wasn't just some practical Jokester, but a sinister monster that spreads misery and chaos throughout the land?

What if when Discord was defeated, through a last act of chaotic defiance, released a spell to slowly destroy their world?

What if they came to our world?

But not at its technological marvel as it is today, but at an age of chivalry, religion, and War?

Chapters going through editing
Prologue: edited
Chapter 1: edited
Chapter 2-8: yet to be edited

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When Scootaloo thinks she has received divine guidance on how to get her cutie mark, she drags her friends off to an adventure they may not be quite ready for...

Chapters (1)

After Big Macintosh builds a play castle for the Cutie Mark Crusaders, the excited fillies spend a great deal of time waging epic battles against and alongside each other, besieging and defending the castle, saving princesses, deposing warlords and tyrants, and often suffering melodramatic deaths while they're at it. Often they find themselves aided by and fighting against various monsters hailing from Vaati's palace that want in on the fun. This is a record of all their various adventures.

DISCLAIMER: The author henceforth takes no responsibility for any exploding hearts, cuteness overloads, or diabetic seizures that may be suffered by reading these.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: This was originally going to just be a oneshot, but other people have persuaded me to add more to it, thus this shall be a collection of oneshots based around the games the CMC and various monsters play in this castle. This takes place in the Equestrian Wind Mage continuity.

Chapters (2)
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