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Papa Krell

I’m the hardest of core, a keeper of lore, the oi-est of vey, and Krell is my name

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When Discord's powerful magic loses control for even a split second, odd things occur. Often times, his rampant chaotic power will draw beings from other realities or dimensions to his, much to their misfortune.

Enter: Sam, a 26 year old YouTube content creator living in Florida with his wife Abby. During the recording of a Skyrim video, he is rudely interrupted by a flash of light and knocked unconscious. Imagine his surprise when he wakes up face down in the dirt like a blind Turk.

Stuck in equestria like a big stupid nerd burglar, Samantha pants must find a way out of this pastel hell before he goes bananas and commits mass homicide.

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After hundreds of thousands of years, the planet Equis has finally been visited by extraterrestrial life. Galagus; the lone surviving Galagian has been brought to the surface and is trapped there by the planet's natural magic field. He soon befriends the locales and as per the usual, antics ensue.

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