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Wait do I put something smart or stupid here?


Rainbow Dash is cursed, cursed with the constant need to dab at any given moment, and it's starting to get on her friend's nerves.

Not gonna stop them from getting sidetracked though.

Edit: Just saying, if you don't know what dabbing is, this probably isn't something for you

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Actually not as bad as I thought it would be.

If someone is gonna shitpost, might as well try to make it enjoyable

Well, this was certainly something

Not bad.
take a like

and a dab

shitpost and stop shit use the same letters

weird, but oddly satisfying to read...keep on shitposting my friend.

I see you dabble in dabbing.

In a weird, sorta funny way, this reminds me a lot of the "nuts on your chin" joke from Key and Peele.


He had so much potential to be nothing more than everypony's punching bag for slapstick purposes!"


A quality shitpost. 10/10 would read again

As far as a story goes, you might want to (at some point) actually explain what dabbing is, so this is less a circle-jerky.

Although unless I missed it you missed an opportunity to make a Rainbow Dabs/Rainbow Dash joke.

6/10 made me comment.


In other words, not bad, have a doggo.

Kill Spike and you go to the Tentacle Pit.

You're the kind of person that gives me hope.

a high Quality (rip) Shitpost

I had to look it up to understand

To those who don't know, it's a sort of dance move where you drop your head into an elbow while raising your opposite arm behind. Is sometimes associated with drugs.

8495254 I did too, but I still don't. Is she doing drugs or dancing?

Why does this story have a Sex tag? I don't recall reading anything sexual here, not even with the gay references, which were limited to Rarity kissing Rainbow Dash and Discord crossdressing. (Did I miss something?)

Is that supposed to be a bad thing?

What the fuck is dabbing? Explain dabbing!

8495562 I don’t know.......maybe has something to do with dubbing.

Keep in mind that the Crystal Empire shows the most appreciation for Spike.

Just saying, being thrown into a pit of tentacles wouldn't be so bad

"Rainbow is spreading something to the foals?" Spike asked as he walked in. "I knew she liked her mates young, but not that young."

"Context Spike, context." Twilight groaned while facehoofing. It was then she realised what was about to happen. "Wait! Spike! You have to leave before it gets you too!"


How about aphrodisiac tentacles?

Ooo, even better


Don't you mean RainbowDab

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