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This story is about a new Alicorn pony coming to ponyville and discovering his greatest passion. It is my first story and i got great impression from things like others and some stuff about love n drama and the most important thing: the passion of my new alicorn OC, i call him Redspike Alicornthunder. I planned this as a oneshot but if it gets as much likes as i hoped I may write more.

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So, me and my friends decided to plan to go to a convention. We wanted an awesome costume for each of us. We luckily found a decent price for some extremely good and we'll made Nightmare Animatronics from Five Nights at Freddy's 4. Then, when we put the things on, we get sent to Equestria. Problem is, we are practically ghosts here, and can only speak to others in their dreams. Oh,and our minds are slowly being driven insane by our new bodies.

(A Displaced story. If you dislike, then go away.)

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Sans should be dead, he only has one HP after all, he felt the knife hit him, he saw himself turning to dust. Then why is he not dead?

An Undertale and My Little Pony crossover. Of which I own neither, Toby Fox owns Undertale and My Little Pony belongs to Hasbro. Please enjoy
Featured on 4/8/2017, 5/5/2017, 4/16/2018. 10/8/2018 Also on popular stories! Thank you so much!
100 likes! Thank you!! 200?!?!? 5/14/2017 OMG! Thank you!!! Featured August 27 2017. :D

New coverart provided by Supersheep64. Everyone, please give them a huge round of applause!

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"Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to join this stallion and mare in holy matrimony..."

The most joyful words to any relationship, the start of their wedding. For Twilight it has been long overdue and with her being the last of her friends to tie the knot, it was not a matter of if but when. When the day arrives, Twilight gives her family and friends a shock by what she is marrying.

Inspired in part by Damaged's "Extra Cheesy" and "Totally Cheesy"

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Displaced Fic
You know the deal, probably to the point that the descriptions themselves have become cliche, but here it goes. I went to a convention as Roxas from Kingdom hearts. After dealing with the merchant, I found myself in the land of Equestria from My Little Pony, around the time when Discord was first imprisoned. Being an avid fan, I decided to help Celestia and Luna imprison him. After that, we became friends. But after certain painful events, I found I couldn't face them anymore. So I left. And vowed never to return.

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Ash was betrayed by his friends but one fairly new friend stood by him, because she too had been betrayed by her friends and family. She had been banished from her home and she didn't want anyone to go through what she did and her name is Twilight Sparkle. Co-author: Sonic Rainboom Dash

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