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This story is about a new Alicorn pony coming to ponyville and discovering his greatest passion. It is my first story and i got great impression from things like others and some stuff about love n drama and the most important thing: the passion of my new alicorn OC, i call him Redspike Alicornthunder. I planned this as a oneshot but if it gets as much likes as i hoped I may write more.

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Obvious troll is obvious.


Verily my good man/lass.


1703109 oh lawdy. You're here. That's never good.

....if you're gonna troll...please...please use proper grammar.

1. I don't think you understand what a one-shot is...
2. Bad pony! Bad! *Swats with rolled up newspaper*
4. Obvious troll is obvious.

Ugh, another trollfic.

Seriously, you guys, this has been trolled to death. It's not funny anymore- go find something original.

Edit: C'mon, you're not even trying. Just, boring. Really. It's not usual that I dislike something so heavily, but come on, come up with your own jokes at least!


Pfft. You guys are unbelievable. You aren't even giving it a chance. There is clear effort put into this story, and I for one cannot wait to read of the adventures of Redspike Alicornthunder. Even his name sounds deep, that's how deep this guy is. So why don't we all sit back and give this guy a fair–


Why can't we just call it a joke, or a parody, or satire instead? It's pretty clearly made with the intention of poking fun at low-quality stories, not as an attempt to elicit an emotional response. (Unless it's made to get called out as an "obvious troll" in which case the person got a pretty easy success)

Not saying it's a good joke though.

You might as well have called this "My Little Triage: Rainbow Dash Loses Her Wings is Magic." It would have been more subtle.

Troll level: 0/10
It's too easy to tell that you're trolling. A good troll walks the fine line between "Are you fucking kidding me?" and "This sucks in more ways than I can count." You do need to put a little effort into things like this so that the reader is left wondering if you're a troll or just mentally handicapped.

1703256 I just realised something. Maybe it's a satire of bad satire fics.

That'd be oh so meta.

(sadly I don't think this author is clever enough for that)

Try to write a good trollfic at least.
You ruined the joke too early.

It's sad when people write shitty stories for the sake of drama. :applecry:

1703266 If only there were some sort of thumbs-up for a comment.

He always though that Fluttershy was really kawaii and qt,

That's when I stopped reading. TROLL!!! :derpytongue2:

1703301 I must commend you on getting that far.

ever realize that stories with OC alicorns nowadays are just troll fics and aren't serious like they used to be?


This is why people hate OCs in general. And not just alis.

Come on guys! This is actually a good story! I for one liked the story for it's originality and the author's devotion to the stor-he he he he he he! OH HA HA HA! Couldn't say that with a straight face...

Just because you make a story crap on purpose doesn't make it any less crap.

Troll level: -1/10. Would not bang.


Seriously dude. When you include 9gag(Never funny at all, period) in your name, you are immediately dubbed a troll in many minds. Combine that with this piece of drivel... Well, let's just say you're far from getting an A for effort.

Regidar hasn't seen this? I MUST ALERT HIM! Tomorrow.... *Crawls back into bed*

1703170 Notice how the trolls head is atop the pope's body. Now notice that that face suits him.....

Now notice how this man murdered the sacred art of trolling Alicorn stories. Thanks a bunch dude, the troll pope loves you.

Not even going to gives this a thumbs-down. It's what this author wants and I shall not reward such lazy, effortless trolling. :ajbemused:

Alicorn OC? OK, Alicorn's are ALWAYS, firstly, ALWAYS, hard to do a OC on.

My rating shall be:

At least you tried.

Where the hell is Regidar when you need him?

Dammit, I think he's offline. Pissant. I love him.

Dude. How long have you been on the Internet? That's a vintage troll.

About the story: I laughed WAYYYYY too hard. It was obvious you were trying to make it bad, but son of a bitch.

Fuck you all. I liked it. :moustache:

1705381 Giggity giggity gi-gi-dee

1705381 You know I was almost at the end of the comments and i thought..." Wow Regidar isn't here what the hell".

1705950 I do have a life, you know. :moustache:

1705953 Well from you usually being the first to comment it's hard to believe :ajsmug:

1705971 Well, this fic goes to show.

1705973 Please don't even bring the fic into this. :fluttercry: :facehoof:

That has got to be one of the greatest pictures ever. Where did you get it?

1706229 Search "Rainbow Quagmire" in google images

How did anybody think to combine those two? It's crazy. They're nothing alike. But it's still a great picture.

1706255 Lol I don't even know.

Before judging over it so quickly, you guys probably shoud read the first letter of every word in the first row.

greetings, the autor


But seriously,bad troll fic is bad.

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