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Fluttershy lives a peaceful life with her geese, taking them every night to graze in the meadows above the palace, hurrying home before the forbidden sun rises. She tries not to look at the statues of the fallen princess with her sun cutie mark, broken and half-buried in the undergrowth. She tries not to look at the Midnight Spire as it rises before her, dark and terrible.

Trigger Warning: and please take these seriously, as this story gets dark - blood, injury, violence, elements of abusive relationships, and even some slight suggestions of non-consent. These aren't used gratuitously and are treated with the appropriate horror by the main character. Please do not read if any of this will be triggering to you. This is an exploration of what the Nightmare Moon AU would be like for poor Fluttershy, and is correspondingly dark.

This story is the first of four. The second is The Sorcerer and the Seneschal, with the others coming soon.

This was originally written as a christmas present for Zontan and if you like the tone of it I suggest you read his Shadow Within.

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Twilight Sparkle is replaced by a firetruck.

I'm never writing another story.

Seriously, this is it.

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This story is a sequel to The Eternal Lonely Day

On May 23, 2015, the world ended. It wasn't violent, it wasn't bloody, and it wasn't even very dramatic. The entire population of the planet vanished. But they didn't stay gone; almost at once refugees started trickling back. Unfortunately for them, they didn't come back with their humanity intact.

Instead of a single species, the earth is now populated with Ponies, griffons, dragons, minotaurs, and even stranger creatures. What will the remnants of humanity make with their world? Will they remember human achievements, or slip back into primitive ignorance? Learn from our mistakes, or repeat them over and over?

People haven't really changed, only their bodies have. The world now comes with new threats, supernatural as well as mundane. Demons lurk beneath the sea, while strange spirits whisper promises in dreams. Empires rise, dictators control, and ponies have nowhere to turn for help. Nowhere except themselves, and old-fashioned hard work.

This story is effectively an anthology of episodes, each of which will focus on a different time period and different perspective characters.

Latest in the Last Pony on Earth series. If you haven't read that story, start there. This one won't really make much sense otherwise.

Editing provided by Two Bit and Sparktail. Art by the fantastic Zutcha.

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My attempt at a more serious 'Luna meets Neil Armstrong' storyline. What would really happen, both on the moon and on Earth? Inspired by 'The Eagle has Landed' by CyanBlackStone.

Princess Luna has found herself on a very different moon after some strange force interfered with her banishment. She doesn't know what the metal objects that keep orbiting and sometimes landing there are, but she wants to find out. Meanwhile, Neil Armstrong believes that being the first man on the moon will be the crowning achievement of his life. Hoo boy, is he ever in for a surprise.

For those who are interested, the most excellent Zanec has provided this link to an interactive Apollo 11 site.

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This story is a sequel to Founders of Alexandria

When every human on earth either vanished or was transformed into an Equestrian pony, human civilization ended. That did not mean, however, that the survivors were content to let mankind's legacy rot and be forgotten. In every corner of the globe, ponies and other stranger creatures joined together and did what humanity has always done: survive.

With the help of their ingenuity and a little Equestrian know-how, many of these little colonies would rise to become great cities, and eventually new civilizations. But after such a dramatic transformation, could anything of their original human character survive?

There is one pony whose survival depends on making sure it does: Lonely Day. Transformed into the avatar of her near-extinct species, Archive may live to see all that newly transformed mankind might become. If, that is, she can ensure they never forget what they were.

The road to civilization will not be a smooth one. Before Equestria's universe drifted apart, terrible dangers crossed to earth, dangers earth's pony population may be unprepared to fight. Nor is humanity itself entirely extinct, thanks to careful preparation and powerful technology. Cooperation with the Human Preservation Initiative might be difficult, but it might also be the ponies' only hope.

Through many years of struggle there will be at least one witness: the eternal Lonely Day.

Now has an ePub Version, with the art included for all those with ereaders! Huge thanks to Phoen1x for making it!

I am not the artist. All the credit for that goes to the fantastic Zutcha!

Continued in: Earth Without Us!

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"...The test ends when you open that door."

Princess Luna has begun searching for her own personal student, and her test has hit a small snag: Not a single unicorn, out of the dozens of applicants, has passed. In fact, every last candidate has failed the test in seconds.

But just what is the purpose of this test? And how can somepony pass it?

A young earth pony named Morning Glory is going to find out.

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With humanity gone, a lone pony tries to escape a prison cell.

A Ponies After People story.

With thanks to JCatt and Lord of Dorkness with their help pre-reading.

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Twilight Sparkle - magus, heroine and Princess - has learned of worlds overlapping Ungulatia in space and time. Though this has been a well known phenomenon, safely traveling to these other worlds has always eluded pony mages. But now - after years of research and careful experiments - she prepares herself for the most audacious of all experiments: stepping hoof on the surface of an alien world and returning safely! What wonders will she find once she walks through her magic portal?

This assumes that Equestria Girls never happened.

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This story is a sequel to Through the Well of Pirene

Equestria Daily Post
Hardcopy Available for Order

NOTE: I wrote this before the 2020 BLM protests and my learning more about policing. I would have written it differently after, but I won't be changing it. Just keep in mind that the depiction here is of another world and another species from a different perspective.

In the City of Dreams, the City That Never Sleeps, a wistful heart walks the lonely streets, searching for answers to questions no one else is willing to ask. A reluctant pilgrim arrives from a long journey, weary but determined to make his mark. An old warhorse, his soul cracked and bleeding, saddles up for his last battle.

A noir tale set in Manehattan, fifteen years after the events of Through the Well of Pirene. Three people over the course of three nights weave and unravel a tale of anxiety, pain, and hope under the lights of the greatest city in Equestria, and the watchful gaze of a green star.

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This story is a sequel to The Last Pony on Earth

Alexandria; a name its founders hope might again become synonyms with scholarship in a world that only four months earlier hosted human civilization. Now only the last remnants known as the Human Preservation Initiative have retained their species, the remainder of the population has been transformed completely into ponies. Adapted to survive in a world now saturated with magic, the ponies of Alexandria settle in for what they expect to be long and boring lives.

They are mistaken. Between the gradual approach of winter, being completely new to the magic of their bodies, and the HPI constantly breathing down their backs, life in Alexandria proves to be anything but boring.

Note To E-Reader users: This story contains illustrations in each chapter, which will be lost in the standard fimfiction chapter export. The generous Phoen1x took the time to produce an epub version with all the illustrations intact, which you can download here.

A huge thanks to Zutcha , the artist for this story. Also a huge thanks to my editors Two Bit and Sparktail.

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