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This has happened.

What else can one say?

How did this get accepted? :applejackconfused:

Scratch that, there is something one can say.

Well, this is exactly what I expected.

Okay, this is without a doubt the most brilliant piece of shit randomfic ever conceived by fimfiction's (increasingly) creative userbase.

Have a thumbs up, good sir/madam. :trollestia:

~The lizardman's brains need unscrambling

I can't even rate this fucking thing because the title is so retardedly long.

I upvoted this.

You bastard.

Have an upvote, you dirty bastard:moustache:

I only upvoted this because I made a wtf when I stared at the group addition link.

Really gets you right where it counts, eh. :pinkiesad2:


I hate you so much....
*upvotes story*

This, this is beautiful........

Holy fuck.

Life is worth living.

WTF... just... WTF...

Here, have these.

The description itself made me shit my pants



This made me considerably high.

*faves and upvotes*

...What have I just read?
Correction. What have I just thumbs-upped? :twilightoops:

Do you know how hard it is, as a closet brony-firefighter, to laugh about this story, in the face of a fellow firefighter, who most certainly is not a brony?

I almost cried from laughing! :rainbowlaugh:

I once wanted to make a group for mystery fiction. It doesn't exist anymore.

When accessing this story, I accidentally added this to one of the group's folders for psychological thrillers.

Faved, upvoted, following.

I will never be the same again.

I'm never writing another story.

Seriously, this is it.

We've been lied to before.

...Why a firetruck?


...Why a firetruck?

Because a Sherman tank would have just been silly.

*goes back to work on Fluttershy Gets Replaced By A Sherman Tank*

4237207 Oh my god. Please do it. :rainbowlaugh:

You always fail to disappoint, Chaz.
Have an ordinary-human thumbs up and a happy star, free of charge.


The other option was Spike Gets Replaced By An Email App, but I wasn't sure most of Ponyville would have noticed. :pinkiecrazy:

This mother fucker is a genius.
We need grenades next.


This has just the right amount of absurdity to be hilarious.

what "WHAT THE FUCK!!" was a key element while reading this story.

4238057 I...concur...uhhhmmm...what she said, that is. STFU, RAIN!!!!

This > Past Sins.

This is better than anything I ever wrote.

WTF did I just read?! :applejackconfused:

Is this a Trollfic? If so then I give it a five trollestia stars: :trollestia::trollestia::trollestia::trollestia::trollestia:

How in the holy fuck are there any dislikes?! :flutterrage: This may be the greatest story ever made. You really know how to make a firetruck sound hot...no pun intended.


The only missed opportunity is not referencing You Got the Touch from Transformers (1987) when Twilight mows down party guests.

Oh and of course, I favorited the fic, like you even need to ask.
Peace Out.

When ever I read Twiliight's lines, I could only think of Dubstep... :unsuresweetie:

What is... I just...

... No.

...Uh...Wha...Why cant I stop laughing?! I don't even know why i'm laughing!

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