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After deciding it best that Equestria lay claim over all of Earth and its inhabitants, Princess Celestia finds she now has a very special birthday present to offer to her sister.

Namely: Canada.

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When Sunset was just a filly under the tutelage of Princess Celestia, she developed a powerful crush on her mentor.

It didn’t end well.

Years later, Sunset is older, wiser, and ready to finally reconcile. But as she’s prepared to put her past behind her, Sunset finds out with growing horror that some feelings aren’t so easily forgotten.

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What if Rainbow Dash never existed to turn six young lives upside down with her Sonic Rainboom?

Harmony will always find its Element-bearers, and something certainly would have united six friends to wield them ... but a change as small as the flapping of a butterfly's wings can have enormous effects on everything that follows.

* * *

Second-place winner in Skeeter the Lurker's "Switcheroo!" competition! This entry centers around the episode "Sonic Rainboom" (with influences from several others).

"Recommended" by Present Perfect: "Though this is well-worn material, the directions in which horizon takes it are remarkable. ... That alone makes it worth the read."
Reviewed by PaulAsaran: "horizon's re-imagining of Equestria is almost complete, defying the norms and tossing most of our expectations to the four winds. ... I am very impressed."
★★★★ rating by Louder Yay * Reviewed by Titanium Dragon

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Stress levels were already high, with Twilight directing her first royal Hearth's Warming pageant and unexpected snowstorms escaping the Everfree. Then the changeling army arrived.

Now, with Queen Chrysalis holding Ponyville hostage and the clock ticking on suspiciously pointless negotiations, it's up to Rarity to match wits with the invaders and save the holiday. However, as she digs ever deeper into the queen's tangled plot, what she learns could force her to choose between her friendships and her conscience.

Off-season note: This is a Hearth's Warming story like Die Hard is a Christmas movie (but with espionage instead of explosions). Don't skip it just because the holiday's over. :twilightsmile:

Critical praise:

"A high-tension thriller where nothing is what it seems." — Titanium Dragon (rating: "Highly Recommended")

"An entertaining ride from start to finish … watching all the pieces fall into place is fantastic." — Present Perfect (rating: "Highly Recommended")

"Props to horizon for an intricate web of deception. Most writers have difficulty with crafting mysteries … this one, however, had me completely fooled from beginning to end." — PaulAsaran (rating: "Why Haven't You Read This Yet?")

Second-place winner in the "Behind Closed Doors" December writeoff, now expanded and revised! Featured on EqD! Rated "Recommended" by MLPmatthewl419!

Big thanks to Titanium Dragon for post-Writeoff editing assistance.

Comments contain spoilers!

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The clock strikes midnight in Ponyville, and the residents of Ponyville are thrown from their beds...by their beds. The growling Living Beds chase the ponies as they flee in terror. This is a light-hearted October/Halloween story...it is more silly (and a bit absurd) than scary, and is just for fun :twilightsmile:

A friend did a cover for me - thank you :-)

Now with a reading!

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After a harrowing and dangerous quest, Twilight Sparkle and her friends have recovered Excelsior's Ecstatic Codex from an evil zebra cult intent on ending the world. The Codex, one of the greatest works of dark magic ever forged, carries within its pages a limitless collection of vile, twisted spells, all specially devised for anypony who opens the cover.

What do you do with a book of dark magic? If you're Twilight Sparkle, you put it in your library. Because that's where books go.

After all, books are for everypony.

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Ember expected to get a few admirers when she became the new dragonlord. Well, more than a few.

She didn't expect that a large number of them would be ponies that she had never even met.

And she really didn't expect them to write physically impossible stories about her and Spike.

She's got a lot of misconceptions to correct. More than she ever expected.

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Maud Pie has studied rocks. She has written poetry about rocks. She has played games with rocks. She has spent great amounts of time among rocks. But she has never been a rock, and now she intends to change that.

But will petrification be all it's cracked up to be?

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Twilight Sparkle, pulling another late night, is finally confronted about by Spike and Starlight Glimmer. She reveals that she's been studying one of the realities she saw, specifically the one seemingly ruled by Flim and Flam. She just can't figure out how those two con artists could be as much of a threat as, say, Tirek or Nightmare Moon.

And then Discord shows up, telling her that she's looking at her information wrong. He volunteers to show Twilight, Spike, and Starlight what that reality is really like...

#1 in the Featured box on 4/25/2016. WOW. I'm... honestly surprised that so many people like this little dialogue heavy stream of consciousness fic. Thank you all very much!

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