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When Sunset was just a filly under the tutelage of Princess Celestia, she developed a powerful crush on her mentor.

It didn’t end well.

Years later, Sunset is older, wiser, and ready to finally reconcile. But as she’s prepared to put her past behind her, Sunset finds out with growing horror that some feelings aren’t so easily forgotten.

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Woo. Finally made it through the queue. It's always nice to see you actually publish something from a write-off.

Been waiting all day since that blog post earlier. Worth it. :rainbowkiss:

“Well for starters, I’m smoking hot.”

hahaah WE KNOW!
It is quite a nice story i like it

It's sweet, and I do like the adjustments, but this read on Celestia feels ill-suited for just about any romance, especially given the whole omniscient thing. Really, you did more to convince to oppose this pairing than support it. It was still a good read, but it definitely didn't accomplish what you wanted. At least, not with me.

Sunset winced. “The heart wants what it wants, but I know the difference between reality and fantasy. All I’m searching for now is closure.”

Celestia snorted. “Pathetic."

Yikes. This is not a version of Celestia I would ship with anyone, let alone Sunset.

As noted earlier, Twilestia isn't a rare pairing, but I really don't think I've ever even heard of a Sunset and Celestia romance fic, mainly because their canon relationship is... kind of messed up, or at least still awkward. And in some ways is even more maternal leaning than Twilight and Celestia (the whole sun theme and all). I liked Sunset's end, that she was obsessed with power and confused that with Celestia (and that crush was one of the reasons Sunset ran away), but the Celestia parts felt... off. Some of it is from Celestia being more relaxed with a lot more alicorns around now to share the burden of ruling, and it did avoid the normal "repentant Sunset and Celestia" reunion structure, but this felt... really different.

Its not a bad fic, but can't say I love it as much as some of your other Sunset fics.

You could say this romance is... SunSun.

Not a bad story, and I like the little meta dig at all the Sunset-Celestia reunions.

I don't believe I've ever read SunLestia before. Well done

I haven't read this yet, but if Sunset and Celestia get together does that make Sunset Twilight's step mentor? lol.

Ehhh, honestly? Not a huge fan. Compared to what other things of yours I've read, this is really rough, especially the dialogue. It's not really believable either.

I'm not a fan of gay ships but I've never seen a Sunlestia ship. So I'll give you a like because I liked it and I still said aw. Although liking 'older' mares is kind... interesting. Still, this has to be the first of it's kind that I've seen so good job.

It's... well the short of it is, the story just doesn't sell the concept to me. I am inclined to say this is largely due to length. Given more time, the relationship could have been better established. But as a one shot it just isn't able to convince me there is anything there.

I did like the bit towards the end where Celestia gives Sunny a glimpse of her age physically, though. I wonder if she dropped a glamour, or actually created one to give the impression of age.

I like the pairing, and I really wish there would be more of it. The story had some really good ideas about their relationship, but in the end, it went by way too quickly. It left me wanting payoff, more development before they could enter a believable romance and, ideally, some insight how their relationship develops from there.

“Well for starters, I’m smoking hot.”

I'm not agreeing or anything.

...or maybe I am!

It was cute, I liked it. Though I feel Sunset should have had more stuttering and mind locking near the end. She was so thoroughly convinced Celestia wouldn't try anything.

So, one tiny little itty-bitty nitpick:

Please, let me say my peace, alright?

Although a thematically appropriate play on words, I get the feeling you meant to write the phrase 'say my piece'.

But other than that, it was pretty good. A decent exploration of an idea, but I wouldn't call it a good jumping-off point. Solid proof of concept, if anything.

so, using the authority you granted me, I’ve annexed their land in the name of the crown, and I plan to set it up so both families are relocated to opposite ends of Equestria

Two paragraphs in, I can already tell this is going to be awesome. :pinkiesmile:

Sneaking into Canterlot Castle was surprisingly easy.

For reasons unknown even to herself, Sunset didn’t want anypony to know about her visit. As such, she had snuck through Twilight’s palace

Achievement Unlocked: Sneak Into All Three of Equestria's Palaces

(Unless you also count the ruins in the Everfree, I guess.)

"Yeah, sure." That just made me laugh out loud. I haven't laughed like that from a fanfic in a long time.

The characterization, especially Celestia's, seemed off. Her saying "pathetic" was particularly jarring.

I must admit, I am by no means a fan of CelestiaXSunset. I don't hate it, I just never really got into it. But reading this, I can tell you put lots of effort into this story :twilightsmile:

“I see.” Celestia’s eyes sparkled, and her smile held a hint of mirth as she looked down at Sunset. “I wouldn’t mind seeing it for myself, in truth. Now, tell me, Sunset, from my end. What would a pony like me get from dating you? And no self-deprecation.”

Sunset opened her mouth, but her voice caught in her throat. Her redemption and subsequent humility had left her hesitant to speak her own praises, but it wasn’t like she didn’t know herself. “Well for starters, I’m smoking hot.”

Celestia threw back her head and laughed. “Is that so? Well, there’s far more to a relationship than physical attraction. What else do you have to offer?”

“I don’t,” Sunset said, shaking her head. “I don’t know a lot about relationships, but they’re not a transaction. It’s not about what two ponies can offer each other. They’re about forming a connection, a bond. It’s the kind of thing that takes effort, fueled by a spark of attraction, nurtured by tender care and compatible personalities. The only way to know if something like that can blossom is to try.”

I'm glad you tackled on the mystery of a relationship in general, rather than focusing on looks, Celestia focused on personality as one would expect. And with Sunset Shimmer being as young as she is, I would expect her to tackle her looks first before what she had to offer personality wise or what she had to gain from this relationship. What I did not expect was Sunset Shimmer's view on relationships and how they work, her take on relationships actually quite interesting and if not, very diverse. Then again, she is quite smart. I should have expected this.

All and all, I enjoyed this story very much :twilightsheepish:

Well...a weak story (in my eyes at least) held up by your wonderful writing and a great start with part of Sunset's fall being a crush.
The scene with Rarity was especially good, despite its brevity.

But...I just don't like the ship. Celestia's response even more so. :twilightsheepish:
Then again...

Well for starters, I’m smoking hot

She does make a good point.

I am a sucker for building a myth. The idea that pink haired-Celestia sits in waiting under her day-to-day guise is fantastic. It, in one fell swoop, explains the old art, the rigors or immortality, and why Cadance and Twilight don't do the wooshy-hair thing yet.

For the story proper, quite enjoyable. Easy to follow time skips, an explanation for Sunset's lust for power, and a bit of what I'd call her "evil confidence" slipping through. Lovely all around.

Celestia's more gruff dealing with Sunset than we're used to, and I'm okay with that. She's not explicitly mean to her, but she's dropped the coddling teacher routine completely, even if for a moment. If Sunset can't handle a little turbulence she doesn't have any business courting someone who lives in such a lofty place.

Problem is we never saw pink Celestia. Even the Celestia from Discord era didn't have pink mane. In a world where multicolored mane is common thing i don't see why she couldn't be born with multicolored mane. Her multicolored mane is simply what she was born with. It isn't something unnatural in Equestria. Even without drop of magic her mane was the same. The thought about pink mane came from ilustrated children book Twilight is reading in first episode. That isn't an evidence that Celestia has pink mane.

6995035 Sure, the pink thing comes exclusively from a bit of in-show book art and a couple real life toys, as I recall. I'll acknowledge in-show artistic license and real life artist foolery for it.

But, we went 4 seasons before we had a proper olden tyme flashback. Part of what makes fanfiction interesting, to me, is weaving together seemingly unimportant tidbits, like hair color, into something more. The fact that I was impressed, or moved, enough by the idea to forget the canon flashbacks makes me think it's worth playing a little fast and loose with history. But only a little.

Besides, who knows what crazy stuff that Zebra puts in her morning brew.

This reads like Oroboro just broke up and decided to write a fic containing all his various emotions over it, and using the characters to do it, particularly Sunset and Celestia.

In short,

Although, I really enjoyed this line:

and I have Twilight Sparkle to solve problems I never could

I can't think of any way to better describe Celestia myself! :rainbowlaugh:

I like it. It's nice to see ponies realizing that the ones they look up to are just as human as they are.

Have to agree that the end is a bit abrupt, same as some of your Sunset shipping project fics I've read. I don't really like that you cut the fic off the instant that a relationship (or the attempt to try one) has been agreed upon. There's hardly any time to enjoy the romance.

I like the start of the story, especially Sunset's letter of how she resolved her mission. Sunset really is at her best while she is being kind of a dick, isn't she? :D Go back to the end of Friendship Games and look at Sunset's 'fuck you' smirk when they confront Cinch and tell me it isn't awesome...

I actually wouldn't mind a continuation of this.

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