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The Tree of Harmony loomed large before Gilda.

This was her one shot.

Taking a deep breath, she began her case. "Harmony, I have come to bargain."

Featured 8/19/2021 - 08/23/2021!

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Twilight Sparkle is a creature of habit. To her, perfection is found in the familiar: best friends, comfort food, and wholesome, everyday fun.

Unfortunately, even the simplest equation has unexpected perturbations. Can Twilight ever regain the lost familiarity of her daily routine?

Written for the "Here at the End of all Things" (sic) Writeoff.

"The Same" (cover art), by dragon discord, was part of the art competition and inspired by this story.

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Shining Armor goes to sleep one night and wakes up in the future, having been resurrected by his wife Princess Cadance for the fourth time. All of his memories of the past century are missing, and his kingdom is nearly unrecognizable.

As Shining struggles to make sense of the new world around him, he begins to suspect there's more to the story he isn't being told...

Written for The Writeoff Association's "All the Time in the World" contest.

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All mothers love their children, and all mothers feed their children. Princess Chrysalis and her mother are no different, except that to a changeling, "love" and "food" are the same thing.

Well... mostly.

This was the "Usurper Chrysalis" story in FOME's Imposing Sovereigns Contest.

Inductee to the Royal Canterlot Library.

Now featured on Equestria Daily.

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Everywhere she goes, Wandering Star takes her humble mason jar and its precious contents.

And she goes everywhere.

Someday, she'll find the place where the jar is meant to be opened. But not yet.

Entry into the fourteenth Quills and Sofas Speedwriting Competition. Conceived and written in one hour; completely unedited. The prompt was "a worthy end".

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60 years to build the Mothership.
5 000 000 tons of resources invested into its construction.
One female scientist integrated permanently into its computer.
531 ships destroyed during the journey.
124 246 people perished during the journey.
300 464 275 people gone as a result of the genocide for breaking a 4 000-year treaty by redeveloping the hyperspace drive.
One galactic empire shattered.
We are home.
But we are not the only ones who wish to thrive here.

There are spoilers in the comments section. You have been warned.

The cover image by Conrie.

If you haven't played the games, and/or have simply little to no knowledge of the Homeworld universe, I'd like you to point out anything that doesn't seem to make sense, or that appears to require inside knowledge to understand, in the comments. I will either alter the story to explain it, or simply explain it myself in response.

The timeline of the story is set prior to the finale of Season 4, nothing further from that in the canon has been implemented (no twilacorn, the Elements of Harmony are still intact, the Griffins aren't poor, and the Dragons aren't ruled by a tyrant).

Edited by AlicornPriest up to chapter 10, I believe.

Preread by Chicago Ted and Majora

Special thanks to:

Icebeerg and Wobble, for looking through the story.

Zaid ValRoa for editing and advice on the revamped short description and looking through the story.

Section for getting me into social sci-fi in the first place with the excellent Foundation stories by Isaac Asimov.

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Herman always believed that ponies were an exceedingly friendly bunch, and he figured it was in their nature to be open and kind to all strangers—even to those of different races. But what if he was wrong? What if there was another explanation?

He mentions this fact in his memoirs, but shortly after he sends them to be published he is informed that the Royal Guard wants him for questioning in Canterlot.

Additional notes:
-Equestria Girls is not canon
Proofread by: Eckaji, Snakeskin Ducttape, Javarod, ROBCakeran53, and PresentPerfect
Artwork by: Ruirik
Featured on Equestria Daily
Review link: PresentPerfect and PaulAsaran

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My name is Zach, I'm just a normal guy living in a normal apartment and then... one day i wake to find nothing, nada, zilch. Everybody's gone and I'm a pony, a FREAKIN' PONY! Well, you get the pleasure of following me through the world humanity left to the ponies.

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What if a fan of My Little Pony was suddenly sent to the world of the show, before Equestria was even founded? In an attempt to get home and survive tribal pony society, Astraeus must enlist the help of the royal sisters before they've ascended.

Can he return to his family without permanently ruining the sisters' future and that of all of Equestria? And will he be able to resist using his knowledge of both the show and modern technology to help his new allies?

Special thanks to PeerImagination for being an amazing editor. You rock!

Cover by slifertheskydragon.

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Running across Equestria, a vast network of pipes transfers soup from the mines out West to hungry ponies on the East Coast. Few ponies sitting down to a bowl of fresh cazuela ever think about the soup pipeline.

For Langy, it’s her job. It’s her life.

The soup must flow.

Now with an audio reading by Wonder Gala (on Soundcloud)

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