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I don't know what to put here, hmm...


My name is Zach, I'm just a normal guy living in a normal apartment and then... one day i wake to find nothing, nada, zilch. Everybody's gone and I'm a pony, a FREAKIN' PONY! Well, you get the pleasure of following me through the world humanity left to the ponies.

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Hum, writing still need work, especially in narrating the MC thoughts, but you are on a good start. I wonder how this will stand apart from ponies after people Alt. univers? I wonder what happened to everyone, in a state of panic I am sure. Are they all ponies put can't seem to work all their equipment. How would they be able to prove who they are with each other I wonder? How will they change everything to accommodate for pony philology? would magical creatures be created out of existing ones or will they come from directly from Equestria?

Also if you are looking to commission a cover art let me know I have a number of cover art under my belt already hear is my DA gallery if you want to take a look in the link bellow. Good luck on your story.


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