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Sometimes the perfect hiding spot isn't always so perfect.

Cover done by IrradiatedPirateBooty.

Thanks to PseudoBob Delightus for proofreading.

Thanks to Mockingbirb for partial proofreading.

Thanks to Scriblits Talo for pre-reading.

Thanks to MorganaTheNotCat for pre-reading.

Thanks to Visharo for pre-reading.

Thanks to Forcalor for pre-reading.

Thanks to Nebbie for pre-reading.

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Diets are no fun and Mrs. Cake finds herself needing to lose a few extra pounds if she wants to keep the attention of her loving husband.

Psychological/Body horror based off of the nightmare that is dieting.

Featured on 5/30/2021.

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After returning from the moon, Luna discovers the wonderful new invention of coffee. Naturally, she takes it way too far and loses her mind. Or maybe she finally sees things as they really are.

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Content Warning: Horror and body integrity dysphoria. If you don’t want to read about body dysphoria/dysmorphia in a horror setting, skip this story. Transgender people, this warning is especially relevant.

On an otherwise calm morning, with Twilight out of town, Pinkie Pie has a revelation. 

She doesn’t feel like herself. She’s not sure if she wants to feel like herself, either.

She wants to be something different. Something… missing.

Written as an entry for Bike’s A Thousand Words Contest in the Grim category.

Also written for Bean’s Writing Group prompt 33, “Something is missing”.

With feedback from TheWanderingZebra, Arachne, MockingBirb, Shirlendra, and others. Thanks for your help!

Now with a youtube audio reading from The Mystery Fluttershy Fan.

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Octavia plays a song for her beloved.

This story was written for the 2023 'A Thousand Words' contest in the 'Horror' category. If you enjoy this story and would like to receive one of your own, see here for more details.

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Princess Luna is dead. Princess Twilight is missing. Princess Cadance is trapped in the Frozen North. And Princess Celestia...

In this new world, there are three rules:

Walk in the shadows.

Avoid the sun.

Fear the light.

Follow them, and you might survive.

If you enjoy this story and would like to receive one of your own, see here for more details!

Have a Happy Nightmare Night~

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A plague ravages the Pegasi of Filoplume. The Centurions must brave the Caucasus to procure Prometheus's Flame before it's too late.

Part of the Corrupt Pillars Anthology

Content Warnings for the following: Body Horror, Claymation, Blood, Illness

Edited by: EileenSaysHi
Preread by: The Sleepless Beholder, Dewdrops on the Grass

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The Millennial Summer Sun Celebration is only a few years away, but Rarity’s fashion career seems to be ending before she can begin it. Now, she has one last chance to find a place for her talent.

But as she works to create the boutique of her dreams, a forgotten piece of Ponyville’s past is waking up. Secret memories lie forgotten in dusty basements, unrighted wrongs scratch at locked doors, and Rarity finds herself caught up in a history that may be doomed to repeat itself.

For although she is the first to set hoof in the Old Town Hall in thirty years, she can’t help but feel that something inside was waiting for her.

A slow-burning, atmospheric horror.

Now with an audiobook by AShadowOfCygnus! Find Chapter 1 here!

Special thanks to Neighrator Pony, GutiuSerenade, and ObabScribbler for pre-reading and feedback!

Cover art by Amiki.

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Cast aside and forsaken as Anon-A-Miss, Sunset tries to find the strength to continue…but what she doesn't know is that companionship will come in the form of a four wheel demon…forgotten…heartbroken…angry

Cover art done by CreationStation#0086 on discord

[Undergoing major rewrite]

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