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Its a common sentiment that a parent should never outlive her children. But what happens when you outlive all your friends? your family? What happens when year after year you watch ponies you grow close to grow old and die? How far would you go to keep somepony, anypony you love close? How much could the need for something to remain the same, to remain unchanged affect you?

I'd like to thank my pre-readers for their valuable input on this story, and let's not forget my editor, Kalash, for his hard work.

Edit: 2/15/2020 FEATURE BOX!!!! Thank you so much for the honor! And making it to the top!!!

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This story is a sequel to Shuttlepod Down

Viernak Rhok, Midnight Station. Known throughout the Delta Quadrant as where sentients go to die. Few who see it ever live to talk about it, and for those forced to work there, even the thought of escape is a sentence to the deepest part of the mines. Their masters seek slaves to work, to toil and dig. Slaves, like the crew of the USS Voyager. Abducted, their hope lies with the few remaining residents of the ship. Can the youngest crew members of the Voyager find Captain Janeway and the rest? And if they do, can they find a way to get them back home.

As is quite regular, story concept and characterizations have one wonderful source, KITSY-CHAN!!!

Thanks to my pre-readers Harts Fire, Kitsy-Chan and a few bronies I know that are not on fimfic, but still read and are huge Star Trek fans like the author is.

Hope you all enjoy!

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If you liked this story, I've got a sequel going on! Take a look at Rescue at Midnight Station

Sometimes friendships, like ponies, are more than what they seem. Sometimes it's hard to tell what makes a friendship special. Sometimes, all it can be called is...Magic. When a Shuttle crashes outside of Ponyville, the friendships that grow from different beings from different cultures bring the ponies and humans together on common ground.

First off, the story idea....you know who came up with this brilliant idea...Kitsy-Chan.

Cover art by Alkarasu...

Chapters (2)

A more realistic take on the opening events of the MLP movie, where the entire cast is NOT hit by plot mandated incompetence. It is, as expected, significantly shorter.

(Minor spoilers for first 15 minutes of the MLP movie, but 90% consisting of what would already be known from the trailers.)

Cover image borrowed from DashieMLPFim

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Snails has a little problem. It's the mirror in the corner of her room. Everyday it reminds her of something that she's not...and somedays are harder than others.

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This story is a sequel to Dust on the Wind

The year is 2045 and mankind has taken to the stars. With colonies on mars and the moon, we’ve left the cradle of Earth behind.

It’s been 25 years since the ponies first appeared on earth. 25 Years since the fall of Discord. I was born June first, 2020. The day of the invasion, the day the ponies took back what was theirs. The day Equestria was freed, and I am the last. The last of the 5 score ponies, the last one cursed, and the Last to change.

And this is my story.

First off, I want to give a wholehearted thank you to Kitsy-Chan for her giving me the story idea, and for helping with the research to make this story work.

Cover art by Alkarasu It's AMAZING, btw!!!

Note: This is a Five Score Story in Dust on the Wind continuity. Reading Dust on the Wind is not required, but strongly encouraged.

This story would not happen at all, if it weren't for my pre-readers, Phenrys, Exsnaggerwes, and Kitsy-Chan. Thank you to all of you, your hard work and dedication has helped me to get farther along than I ever would have believed!

And awesome news, I now have an editor for Loopy's story. She's Purple Pegasus and she's been doing an awesome job!

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In the aftermath of the ruined wedding of Shining Armor and Princess Cadance, Celestia and several others maintain a vigil at Canterlot General Hospital. AU.

A/N: I'm sure that someone has done something like this before, but I needed to get the scene out of my head. Please give feedback and let me know if I messed anything up!

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This story started with a single realization. The voice actor for both Snails and Ranma happened to be the same person.

Snails 1/2 is a Ranma 1/2 spoof. Not actually a crossover, this is the story of Snails dealing with a Jusenkyo style curse. When hit with cold water he... becomes a filly. As if that wasn't horrifying enough, he quickly finds himself caught between rivalries, forced into competitions, and now he feels like he is developing a severe phobia of water.

With artwork by Alkarasu and edited by Swyrl, this is a story made as a pure slice of life comedy in the style of anime.

For the continuing story, join us in Snails 1/2:The Perfect Stallion

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A short trip to Canterlot with Rainbow Dash and Applejack is the perfect opportunity for Twilight to test out her new long-distance Teleportation spell. But a nasty cold dashes the hopes of a quick trip, and makes the spell disappear in smoke: instead of arriving in Canterlot, the three find themselves in the nearby Everfree Forest, and discover that their location is not the only thing that went wrong.

While Rainbow has exchanged her wings and tail for a straw blond tail, Applejack has acquired a rainbow tail as well as a pair of strong, blue wings.

While Twilight attempts to find a spell to return the body parts to their rightful owners, the others must attempt to deal with this situation... and with their changing feelings.

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Gummy is the best pet in the world! He always listens to me, never moans or complains when I talk too much, and always comes along with me without any resistance. Sure, he isn't much of a talker, but he's a really swell listener. Every day I spend with him is super fantastic!

Yet, Mr. and Mrs. Cake always look sad every time I play with Gummy. Those sillies! Don't they know that Gummy couldn't hurt me even if he wanted to? He's all gums! Duh! Even my friends have been showing "concerns" about my relationship with Gummy.

I don't know why they're being such party poopers all of a sudden!

Edited by Bad_Seed_72 and pre-read by Skeeter the Lurker and Flint Sparks.

Polish translation can be found here

French translation over here

Fan sequel over there

Equestria Daily took this thing in too. It be right over yonder

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