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To the highly skilled operative code-named Naked Snake, today was not that good of a day. On top of being sent to kill his former mentor in order to prevent the Cold War from going nuclear, he had gotten captured, and lost his eye. While he did manage to escape, there was still much he had to do in order to complete his mission.
Still, even being tortured by someone with inexplicable lightning powers was somewhat preferable to finding himself outside of not only the mission area, but his world as he knew it...

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The soldier boosts morale and burns team captains in this action packed thriller with Brad Pitt and Nicole Kidman!

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Pinkie Pie's birthday is coming up, and given how far along she is in her pregnancy, she's been put on double-ultra-secret activity probation. This means no baking, which means no birthday cake, and that's just something that her daughter, Cotton Candy, can't allow. It's time to bake her a cake! There's only one issue: she can't bake to save her life. Luckily, Papa Pokey's perfectly willing to help out.

Cotton Candy (and the cover art of her) is a creation of the amazingly talented kilala97, who also did the prereading for this story!

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Vinyl knew she loved him from the time she was very small...

And she knew it was wrong.
They had grown up together.
He was like a brother to her.

But she still loved him,
And it wasn't supposed to be that way...

But that didn't make it hurt any less.

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Rainbow Dash messed up big time.

When she insults Discord, the Lord of Chaos and Disharmony, again, he decides to teach her a lesson she won't soon forget- by turning her into a cake.

Now it's up to Dash's friends to find a way of turning her back from a delicious cake to her normal pegasus self.

In her defense though, Discord IS rather funny looking.

Inspired heavily by TomSka's video, 'Cake', which can be found here on YouTube.

Not to be taken too seriously, I just wanted to have a bit of fun and get rid of my writer's block.

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Niko Bellic. He was a well-known criminal in the underworld of Liberty City, but after he killed his crime bosses, he seemed to disappear entirely, only popping up here and there for a car theft or gunfight. He was the best of the best, so you can imagine his surprise when a bomb went off, and he sank to the bottom of the ocean, apparently drowning.
Or at least, he thought he had drowned.
When Princess Luna and Princess Celestia decide that they want to reform Niko so that he helps the world, they chose none-other than the Element of Laughter, Pinkie Pie, to do the job. While Niko tries to continue his normal life with the addition of this new companion, Pinkie shows Niko that there is something more powerful than money, crime, and death. Something that even he can muster up inside of him and use against his foes. If he survives the pony herself, that is.

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After what happened at the Fall Formal, Rarity comes to see that Sunset Shimmer's become little more than a recluse, a mere shell of her former self. It also doesn't help that no one in the school is even willing to give her a chance. Rarity sees this as inexcusable. So, honoring their promise to Twilight, she convinces the girls to try their hardest to get Sunset out of her shell by having the girl take part in their activities.

But will a simple shared interest be enough able to open up Sunset's rapidly closing heart?

Somehow featured! (8/12/14) What an awesome birthday present!
Image by Uotapo
Stolen from and Proofread by Harmony Charmer
Edited By the loyal Ersmiller

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Mario and Luigi was in a middle of a fight with Bowser. Then Discord shows up out of no where and sends everybody to Equestria.

So Mario and Luigi has to team up with the main six to save Princess Peach.
this is a sequel to Boo-busting in Equestria

Note: Mario, Luigi, Bowser, and Princess Peach are owned by Nintendo.

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Often called a psychotic, meth dealing hillbilly with a habit of untamed violence and murder sprees, Trevor Philips is someone that no one wants to mess with. The body pile he leaves behind and then sets on fire just for the heck of it proves that. But after a particularly deadly drug deal gone wrong, Trevor finds himself in a place even his disturbed mind has difficulty comprehending.

The feeling is mutual for the ponies.

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Twilight Sparkle has an idea: use a spell that will allow them to communicate with beings from other dimensions. Only problem is that the spell requires a number of ponies to become rejected from their own bodies while the visitors from the other dimension inhabits them. So Twilight and her five friends perform the spell on themselves in the name of science.
However, the six beings that come through aren't exactly the most... normal ponies around.
Its the lads and gents in Equestria! Watch as the hilarity ensues!

The six characters are based off of real life people who make gaming videos for a living. If you're a fan of Let's Plays, achievement guides, or just plain comedy and commentary, check out their website. Trust me, they're pretty hilarious: http://achievementhunter.com/home.php

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