• Published 13th Jul 2014
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Mutual Interests - Spirit Shift

After the events of the Fall Formal, Sunset Shimmer has become a solitary recluse due to the entire town hating her. Can the girls bring her out of her shell enough to make amends with the town?

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Extra CH3.5: Palace of the Aqua Pearl

Author's Note:

Just a small add on to last chapter that came to me at the last minute. Although I don't consider it long enough to be a full on chapter, consider it part of the story canon since it contains and leads into two crucial plot points.

also I regret nothing here! :pinkiecrazy:

After spending about an hour fixing and eating a, "late breakfast", Rarity quickly got to work in finishing the design portion of Sunset's dress. The time was mostly spent in silence, aside from the occasional “Sunset would you please hand me that,” or “Sunset, may I please retake this measurement of your legs again?” the two mainly spent the time just quietly enjoying each other's company.

“That’s it!” Rarity screamed inside her mind, “I can’t take this anymore, I’m going to go insane if this keeps up. I just have to do something about this. But I can’t be too forceful, I don’t want to seem like I’m intruding of course. Yesterday it seemed like she was deeply affected by something I said, so I’ll have to be delicate this time around.”

“So, Sunset.”

Not receiving an answer, she turned around to see Sunset deeply reading into her book, the same one that she had been reading for hours. Apparently she was too deeply enticed to hear her name being called. In fact, she seemed to be enjoying herself, if the smile that was glued on her face was any indication.

“No… wait,” she thought, “this is perfect, now I don’t have to ask her. If I can just quietly sneak up to her I can find out myself.”

As planned, Rarity silently crept up behind Sunset. Rarity used every lady-like technique at her disposal to make her steps as dainty, and quiet, as possible. Even if Sunset was distracted, Rarity wasn't taking any chances, even going so far as to either pause, or run back to her seat at the sight of any movement from her target. After five or so minutes, she finally made her way directly behind Sunset.

“Ugh” she groaned mentally, “it’s no use. She has the cover on the table, maybe I can find out by reading the words themselves.”

Acting on her urges, Rarity looked over Sunset’s shoulder and began to read.

“Using his thick dark rod, Spirit proceeded to force it though. Even though it was a tight fit, and this was his first time, he just knew that if he didn't do this, he would never have the chance to-” Rarity’s face blushed deep red as she soon as she began reading.

“Wh-wh-wh-what is she reading! No, I mustn't judge… But still, to be reading such a perverse novel in broad daylight-”

“What are you doing?”

Rarity nearly leaped back when she realized that Sunset had torn herself from her book to look over her shoulder directly at her.

Rarity’s eyes darted all over the place, refusing to make eye contact. “I… uh… I waaaaaaaassss just examining your jacket!” she lied. “It’s such a nice texture, I was just wondering what It was made of.”

Sunset, glanced down at her jacket, clearly confused by the sudden interest in her usual attire. “Leather,” she slowly answered. “Did you need anything else?”

“Nope, nothing,” she said, slowly backing away. “I’ll just… get back to work. You stay there, and keep… reading.”

Back at her table, Rarity heaved a large sigh. “Jeez, that was so stupid! The texture of her jacket? There’s no way that she’s not suspicious now! Not only that, but now I’m even more curious about what she’s reading. From what I saw, it seems rather steamy… I wonder if she’ll let me borrow it?”

“Well that was weird,” she muttered. Back at her table, Sunset turned back to her book, muttering something about weird purple haired girls being weird. Her bright smile returning to her face she continued where she left off.


Daring Do, now badly injured with a vicious stab wound to the side, barely managed to make it to the surface of the rapidly flooding room. Water steadily rose up the off gray walls of the sealed chamber she was locked in. “Spirit!” she called out.

From somewhere outside the room answered the voice of a younger man. “Daring? Is that you? What’s happening, where did he drop you at.”

“That bastard dropped me into a freaking flooding room!” she yelled as she struggled to swim over to the wall where is voice sounded closest.

Spirit leaned back in shock and disbelief. “Seriously? Hasn't that been done, like… a billion times.”

“I know right? It’s cliched as hell. For once can’t Caballeron try to kill me himself?” Despite the situation, Daring couldn't help but crack a smile.

Spirit also smiled, though his was more smirky in nature. “Didn't he, like, stab you?”

Unfortunately his comment wiped Daring's smile off of her face and brought back her serious demeanor. “Hey, you know how you could help me right now?”

“What?” Spirit asked, smiling cheerfully at the notion of actually being able to help for once. He leaned his ear against the wall.

“By shutting up, and plugging the hole where the goddamn water is entering from!" she yelled, causing him to flinch back. "I don’t have anything to do it with in here. Plus, ya know, bleeding to death and all.”

“If I fail, and you die, can I have your Staff of Rassilon?” he asked.

“Spirit Shift, now is NOT the time!” Daring hissed. Even if she died she still wouldn't want that idiot to have anything of her's.

“Fine, fine!” Spirit sulked. He turned to walk away but stopped when he heard Daring's voice once more.

“Plus, Notes already has dibs on it anyway,” she added.

“Dammit!” Immediately, Spirit made his way out of the large white building, and over to the easternmost edge, quickly locating where he just was on the inside. Putting his ear to the wall, he could still hear the nearby room filling with water. Noticing that the room was located in a corner of the building. He figured that the room was getting it’s water from a nearby river, or something, instead of having a large supply built in. “Good choice, water bills are really high these days,” he thought.

Continuing to move around the perimeter, he was met with confirmation. A large river flowed into the back of the building, with the building itself acting like a dam. Thus making the river virtually invisible from the front. Not wasting anytime sightseeing, Spirit quickly ran over to the edge of the river. Looking into it, he could see the hole where the water was entering the room. “Now, how am I going to plug it?”

Looking around, Spirit grabbed the first thing that he thought would fit; a long black rod, lying some distance away. Picking it up, Spirit was surprised to find that it was actually made of wood. “That’s weird, must be a weirdly straight tree branch or something. Ehh,” he shrugged. Grabbing the goggles on his head, he pulled them over to shield his eyes, “doesn't matter. Now to do my manly duty, and plug that hole.”

And he swiftly dove into the water. Using his thick dark rod, Spirit proceeded to force it though. Even though it was a tight fit, and this was his first time, he just knew that if he didn't do this, he would never have the chance to find out what was so important about his and Daring's necklaces."


Sunset giggled slightly, “That pervert,” she muttered, turning the page as she did. Unfortunately, Rarity heard, and blushed once more.