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I draw things. I occasionally write things. But don't mind me, please, do go to next artist/author and admire them instead. I'm nothing special

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One calm night in Ponyville, Spike visits Rarity.

Spike has something to say.

He takes a deep breath.

11/29/14: Did a little editing, let me know if I screwed it up.

Chapters (1)

Rarity gets invited by Spike to meet him at the crystal palace.

And then Spike gets her wet.

(This is my first story ever. Any helpful advice or critiques are welcome. )

Chapters (1)

Sweetie Belle literally goes to Tartarus and back in an effort to find her favorite socks. Location of socks will be revealed in thousandth chapter. In the meantime, please leave suggestions for where Sweetie should look next in the comments.

This is totally just 4:00AM anti-writer's block fluff.
Sufjan Stevens

Chapters (28)

Everyone knows Fluttershy is the kindest, most gentle, loving pony in all of Equesteria. What they don't know is that she's also a killer. To protect Equestria from the true monsters, Fluttershy has learned how to kill, to be ruthless, all in the name of protecting her friends from harm.

This is the story of Fluttershy, and how she learned to be cruel.

Chapters (16)

While inviting everypony in Ponyville to a block party, Pinkie Pie encounters the frustrating and socially destructive enigma that is Siri.

Chapters (1)

If you have ever wondered how the saying "Don't look a gift horse in the mouth" came to be, please venture inside and learn one fairytale version of this tale.

Now featured on Equestria Daily (http://www.equestriadaily.com/2015/02/story-legend-of-gift-horses.html)! ^_^

Chapters (1)

It's grey. It's lumpy. It's disgusting. It's on the school lunch menu. Nobody knows what it is. And it isn't even spelled right.

Just what IS "Mistery Meat"?

Apple Bloom and her friends are determined to find out...

Chapters (2)

Pinkie Pie loves sugar. It's the one thing she wouldn't replace with anything.

Until one fateful day, that changes for the worst.

Chapters (1)

Rainbow Dash means the world to Scootaloo, who wants nothing more than to spend every day with her surrogate sister, learning from the best and being awesome together. Yet all that is about to end, possibly forever, and Scootaloo knows there's nothing she can do about it.

The only thing left to do is say goodbye... but that's proving far harder than she ever imagined.

Preread and edited by Mercury Gilado, Absolution and Vergathos. Thanks a ton, guys!

Cover art commissioned from DANMAKUMAN.

Now featured on Equestria Daily.

Chapters (1)

Octavia and Vinyl have been dating for months, but neither has had a chance to introduce their significant other to their families. Vinyl always dodges the issue, but when Octavia is insistent, they have a fight. This leaves Vinyl with no other option than to have Octavia over to meet her parents.

Maybe she should have told Octavia who she really was?

Dramatic reading by Goombasa available here.

Now in Russian, translated by Hopeless.

Chapters (1)
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