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Puzzle Piece is the premier information broker in the infamous nation of Freeport, leading one of the most powerful and wealthy organizations in the islands. However, after months of absence from Freeport, he returns to find everything he built in shambles and his lieutenants fighting over the remnants. With chaos reigning in the streets, the Council tells him to get his house in order or see his life’s work swept away. Unfortunately for Puzzle, there are forces in Freeport that don’t want to see him succeed. Nobody can be trusted, nothing is safe—not even his deepest secrets.

A chronological sequel to Northern Venture.

Chapters (13)

This story is a sequel to Rainbooms and Royalty

An alternate universe re-imagining of "Friendship is Magic." Rainbow Dash is the personal protege of Celestia, ruler of all Equestria. Follow her through the events of the 1,000th Summer Sun Celebration and the return of Nightmare Moon! (A significant rewrite of the "Rainbooms and Royalty")

Cover art by InuHoshi-to-DarkPen

Chapters (30)

For the first time in history, the Archon of Freeport has come to Equestria. Princess Twilight Sparkle has been given the honor to host Archon Sunset Shimmer, but she quickly finds herself at odds with her prestigious guest. Things turn sour when something is stolen from the Archon, and Twilight is the prime suspect. Twilight must uncover the real thief to avert an uproar of international proportions.

A Winningverse story.

Chapters (4)

This story is a sequel to Oncoming Storm: Through a Mirror Darkly

Cloud Kicker and Rainbow Dash usually get along, especially since they started dating. However, when Rainbow pulls a prank that Cloud considers a bit too ambitious, the two of them have a falling out that leaves their relationship strained. Will an upcoming gaming tournament give the two of them a chance to reconcile, or will tensions boil over and push them apart for good?

Chapters (4)

Princess Twilight Sparkle is asked by Cadance to help with the Crystal Empire’s Hearts and Hooves Day. Heading up north to help organize the festivities, she runs into a problem—that she’s a single pony on the most romantic day of the year.

A Winningverse Story

Chapters (1)

It’s not every day you discover that your friend is in an adventure novel, but that’s exactly the situation Sunset Shimmer and Kukri Doo find themselves in when Puzzle Piece, Freeport’s foremost problem solver, makes an appearance in the latest Daring Do book. They only naturally ask Puzzle about it, and uncover a truth far stranger than fiction: a tale of adventure, intrigue, tyrant lizards, the mysterious dromaed people, and the fabled City of Giants.

A Freeport Venture prequel.

Chapters (23)

This story is a sequel to The Study of a Winning Pony

Life has been rough for Shining Armor. The changeling invasion has resulted in him losing his position as Captain of the Royal Guard. But that’s only the start of his troubles when he discovers that he’s the father of a daughter he didn’t even know about. Now he’s forced to face the consequences of a night’s indiscretions—such as explaining everything to his new wife Cadance. It isn’t going to be easy get his life back in order before anything else can go wrong.

A Winningverse Story.

Chapters (5)

This story is a sequel to Midnight's Shadow

Midnight Sparkle's career has seen her though terrors nopony should have to endure: warlocks, hags, and worst of all, dirt. Her newest assignment promises to be no less challenging; when the Count of Honeyfield dies without a clear heir, Midnight is tasked by none other than Princess Celestia herself to oversee the transition of his estate to the count’s lawful heir. The question of why a magus of her talents and status would be given such a routine task quickly becomes moot; as the estate’s residents maneuver and plot for the late count’s estate, it’s clear that he might not be the only one laid to rest before it’s over.

Chapters (8)

Twilight Sparkle has seen her life overturned over recent months. Magic has been spreading through Canterlot High ever since Princess Twilight first came through the portal from Equestria. Sunset's transformation into a demon, the Sirens, Twilight's own experiences, and then the battle against Gaia Everfree.

Perhaps it shouldn't be a surprise when Twilight comes under magical attack again. However, this time it seems far less like a world-conquering menace, and more like petty revenge. The question is, who could be attacking them magically, why are they doing it, and how did they get their powers?

An Oncoming Storm story.

Chapters (2)

Shining Armor and Princess Cadance celebrate the birth of their first child, blissfully unaware that her arrival fulfills a dark, ancient, malevolent prophesy of doom. Calamitous events set into motion by Flurry Heart’s birth tear apart reality. The ground is torn asunder as sinister invaders emerge from the underworld. Ancient cults emerge from the shadows to herald the foretold arrival of their dark overlord. The Crystal Empire faces its most dire threat yet as a new, evil, and most adorable master launches her campaign to lay claim to the world to bring about a new era of unsurpassed evil.

Chapters (3)