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Brony since mid-2014 and still kickin' it! Novice story writer and hoping to entertain y'all with my stories. You may also refer to me as Derron116 as that's my screen name on most other places.

Latest Stories

  • T Victorian Equestria: Waiting Room

    Princess-Ambassador Starlight Sparkle waits to meet the President and thinks about history.  · Sky Sprinter
    1,017 words · 151 views
  • T Sky's Changing Secret

    Sky Sprinter seems like a normal pony, it helps that his whole life has been spent in Equestria. But events like the Canterlot Invasion and Tirek have forced a secret of his to come out, and discovery brings consequences for those with secrets.  · Sky Sprinter
    23,897 words · 644 views  ·  31  ·  9

Some favorites

  • Celestiphilia (A sequel to Celestiphobia.) Carl wants Stan to partake in the tradition of getting drunk to celebrate the success of the treaty. He then realizes what a horrible mistake that was. by Dr Atlas 48,659 words · 5,258 views · 817 likes · 42 dislikes
  • Celestiphobia With the Queen incapacitated, she turns to one of her few subjects who is still in good health to deliver a treaty to the princess, only problem is that the changeling has a phobia for that hatchling eater. by Dr Atlas 17,918 words · 10,966 views · 1,576 likes · 69 dislikes
  • A Novel Tale Novel Tale, a changeling living in Canterlot as a writer, has his peaceful life shattered when changelings from another hive attack, revealing the existence of changelings to all of ponykind. And his last book had a changeling character in it... by Blissey1 53,594 words · 20,916 views · 2,747 likes · 46 dislikes
  • Know your Mare It's silly, it's pointless, and it makes little to no sense... I've heard of worse story ideas. by Overlord-Flinx 78,161 words · 29,540 views · 3,042 likes · 228 dislikes
  • Past Sins Can Nightmare Moon, reborn without her hate, ever escape her past? by Pen Stroke 203,015 words · 140,043 views · 10,916 likes · 374 dislikes

Other good ones

  • Pegasus Mating Dance Rainbow Dash wants to get Twilight to loosen up. What better way is there than getting her to go on a surprise date? by PhiliChez 2,400 words · 13,597 views · 1,593 likes · 92 dislikes
  • The Life of a Wanted Changeling (Comment Driven Story) A you decide story about well a changeling. More info inside. by Down with Chrysalis 144,553 words · 5,840 views · 328 likes · 24 dislikes
  • The SweetieMash Chronicles The Cutie Mark Crusaders decide they need to expand their numbers, but things quickly go awry when their first target begins sobbing on the spot. Sweetie Belle soon finds herself roped into hanging out with the young colt. by Justice3442 115,629 words · 18,310 views · 2,087 likes · 57 dislikes
  • Rarity Snuggles Everypony (Whether They Like It Or Not) A sleeping Rarity mysteriously appears in her friends' beds, and nopony knows how or why. Her friends are determined to discover the truth behind Rarity's night-time snuggling spree. by PropMaster 36,137 words · 6,905 views · 977 likes · 25 dislikes