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I once had an idea of what I wanted to put on here, but I forgot what it was. Go figure.

Short Bio (because the actual one doesn't give me enough characters to work with)

Hello there, sir/ma'am/mayonnaise! While I can't possibly fathom why you'd be on my page of all places, I welcome you to my little slice of hellbit of paradise nonetheless. I should warn you that if you intend to communicate with me, you might have to wait a while for a response. I'm aware my log-on indicator always says Online, but that's only because I've always got a tab open (no, it hasn't been open since 2011 sadly). With that out of the way, you should probably leave because I am considerably unremarkable and I am certain you have more important things to attend to with your time. Am I right?

What the fuck do you think you're doing?


A Fun Fact

Here's something interesting for you:

My Read it Later bookshelf has just under a thousand stories nearly one thousand one hundred stories one-thousand-five-hundred-forty-eight stories and a cumulative total of roughly 67,000,000 75,000,000 104,000,000 words with an estimated reading time of 40 weeks. This is the result of my procrastination building up since December of 2011.

The funniest part is that it just keeps growing and the stories never leave it.

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No problem. I've been following this story for a long time, and I can't believe it took me until now to favorite it.

Thanks for the fave!

Thanks for the watch, i say this to everybody but i cant imagine what i've done for that consideration :twilightsheepish:

You're probably right about that. I'll give it a name change soon enough here. No offense intended, obviously. It was meant to be more humorous than anything, although I can see how it might come off the wrong way. I'm a very pessimistic person, you see. I always assume the worst about a story that's been unupdated for more than a year.
You're actually the second person ever to remark about having a story added to the list despite how many I have on it. Most of the authors left a long time ago or haven't made any updates in years. You can imagine my surprise whenever I receive a message about it. Truthfully, I'm actually glad to see you're an exception. Keep at it then, my man. Don't let me discourage you.

  • Viewing 31 - 35 of 35
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