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Just some hidden brony with a s***load of ideas. Also available for assassinations (Not really, Deadpool does that.)

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A demigod who killed the gods of Olympus.
A demon hunter who stopped a legendary threat.
A hero who saved two worlds, and has indomitable courage.
A former gangster who hit the big time.

And now they are stuck in Equestria , living mundane lives.

Naturally, it all has some hiccups.

Starts at the beginning of Season 1.

Chapters (4)

Joel Zimmerman, aka deadmau5, was waking up.

His list of things to do was simple.

But when the very first thing fails because his battery-powered toaster fails, and he ends up in Equestria, he basically felt really pissed off.

Rated Teen for lots of cursing, as per the norm for the mau5.

Chapters (1)

Lobo is many things, well, a lot of them are usually negative insults, but the idea's the same thing to him, he thinks he's awesome, cool, or some other word that would be safe to describe him.

And needless to say, he has a bet to win.


He vouched for that quest himself, by the way.

Can he succeed?

Pretty sure he can, but let's watch to be sure.

Chapters (3)

The Cybernetic Ghost of Christmas Past From The Future is a robot, and a ghost, and from the future, who talks about the past, and now must explain to Rarity about the origins of Hearth's Warming Eve to Rarity. Will he succeed?

No, as she already knows about the origins of the holiday, and it's July

Warning, wall-o-text in this story, and utter nonsense as well.

Just a one shot because I was bored.

Chapters (2)

Discord was free once more, but he knew that there might some way his plans could go south.

So he gathered some of the most chaotic beings that he knew existed.


So went to six other worlds to capture and convince six humans to do his bidding, and rule Equestria into a world of chaos.

This is only the beginning.

One of two spin offs to two stories, Six and From Wires to Wonders.
Here is the other half, The Codex of Chaotic Heroes

Officially starts during the start of S2 opener, unofficially, before.

Chapters (6)

Alright... huh, who are you people?
Oh, you're here to listen to mien stories?
Don't you mean, our stories?
Quiet Samuel, I am in control right now. Okay, so I must tell you, zombie fighting isn't as fun as I zought it vould be.
Yeah, no ****.
Now now, zis is ze description, ve can't have svearing now, can ve? Anyvay, I need to get out of zis realm, Samuel is in too much danger here, und, by extension, me! I have built a teleporter out of spare parts to take us to a new universe zat is hopefully, zombie free, hopefully. Vish us luck.
Oh dear, this can't end well.

*This not to be taken seriously, I really just pulled this out of my ass. Minimal effort really.*

Chapters (2)

8 years since she came out.
8 years since they started dating.
8 years since she became different.
5 years since they married.

And now Applejack has to live the life of a princess, with Twilight. She was happy to be with her, but Applejack felt... empty inside.

She gave up a life on the farm for her true love, but she also gave up her talent, her calling to life, and and her family.
Was it worth it?

Chapters (1)

This story is a sequel to DETHKLOK in Equestria

The year is 2026 and the Shadow War is in full swing. The three most powerful P.M.C.s are in a global war and they won't back down until one is left standing. 6 men, 2 from each company are forced to work together as they are somehow teleported to Equestria. This is... Massive Action Game Equestria. Rated Teen for dark and violent themes.

Chapters (10)

During his four and a half weeks to save the world, Dikembe Mutumbo suddenly ends up in Equestria. Science the Bear had contacted Dikembe and tells him of what would happen if he didn't come back. And Discord is released or something. It's the hidden week of Dikembe Mutumbo's 4 1/2 Weeks to Save the World. One shot story with Old Spice.

Chapters (1)