• Published 3rd Oct 2014
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Fighters in Equestria? - Awesomedude17

Kratos, Dante, Franklin Clinton and Link now must live in Equestria. No adventures, no fighting.

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Don't Think of It

Author's Note:

Shit! I was so busy. Next chapter up!

Gonna the Mane Six ponies come by next chapter.

It took some asking, but Franklin did find a gym within the city of Canterlot, and decided to take Link along to show him how men exercised back in Los Santos.

"Hello sir! Welcome to Fit-sical! Are you two interested in a membership?" The well-toned and excited pony said to the two humans.

"We're just here to try out the gym." Franklin replied politely.

"Alright, we allow our first day free if you two... Whatever you two are..."


"I'm sorry, I just never..."

"Seen things like us?"

"Well, there are minotaurs, like that one over there." The pony pointed at a minotaur pumping iron in a traditional laying position, with a unicorn spotting him.

"...Close enough. And it's alright homie, we straight." Franklin held out his fist. The pony somehow found it weird that these 'humans' had similar calls to ponies, and hoofbumped him back.

"Alright Link, let's start off with pull-ups. And don't worry, I don't think Dante's gonna kill you."

Link still felt like Dante still was.

Dante took solace in enjoying his strawberry sundae alone. Sure, people like Link and Franklin could be seen as good allies, and Kratos was a laugh and a half to tease, but he still doesn't like interaction when it wasn't needed.

Maybe he could take the next month off, avoid demon hunting for once...


"Half-breed, why are you not taking vengeance against the swordsman?"


"Because I don't wanna." Dante replied to Kratos.

"You do not wish to seek vengeance against the one who wronged you?" Kratos asked in confusion.

"Uh, yeah."

"You are quite possibly the most slothful man I have ever had the displeasure of encountering."

"Yeah, well you're a bit of a jerk, so shut it." Dante finished his sundae and got up.

"You infuriate me, half-blood."

"Good, it's working."

Kratos scowled and let out a guttural growl.

Dante blew air, knowing that the two of them would kick each other's asses sooner than later.

"Ya know, for a scrawny man, you're pretty strong." Franklin noted as Link did one-armed pull-ups with 50 lb weights in Link's free arm.

"Yes he is. I've only seen a few ponies can do stuff like that." One onlooker said.

"Weird boots though." Another onlooker noted.

"Yeah, the hell are these things?" Franklin pointed at the Iron Boots Link had.

Link let go, and landed with a heavy thud, cracking the ground. Taking them off quickly, Link motion to Franklin to try and pick them up.

"If you say so." Franklin grabbed the boot, and found them to extremely heavy.

"Damn, how heavy are these damn things?"

Link smirked a little, knowing that these heavy boots won't get off the ground anytime soon.

Princess Celestia took a sip of tea, apparently to take the edge off over the stress that is going to come from bringing Luna back into Modern Society.

"Sister, doth thou think the ponies will accept me back?"

"Luna, the nobles are the same snobbish group of lowlifes that I ever had the displeasure of working with. Fancy Pants is one of the few that are genuinely nice, but the majority..."

"Say no more, I never liked them either."

"Right. I wonder what the humans are doing?"

"Your highness, The white haired human has wrestled the bald one to the ground after the latter tried to throw him out the window." A guard said as he burst in.

"Oh dear, they're like children having temper tantrums. I'll talk to them right now." Celestia got up and walked over to the place where Kratos and Dante had apparently fought.

"Get off of me!" Kratos yelled as he pushed himself up only to get pushed down by a stomp by a barely interested Dante.

"Dude, stop trying. You're embarrassing yourself."

"You will not speak such words when I rip your head from your neck!"

"Ooo, I'm so scared. You're scary, scary bald man with anger issues. Oh my!" Dante mocked back.


"You know, if this wasn't so amusing, I'd separate you two." Celestia said with a smirk.

"See! At least she has a sense of humor Kraty."

"Words cannot describe my hatred of you, half-breed."

"So, wanna get pizza for dinner?" Dante asked Celestia.

"You know, that sounds good. Fresh or take-out?"

"Either or, I got a lot of time on my hands and feet." Dante turned at the sound of a door opening to see Franklin and Link coming in, with Link holding his Iron Boots with a sense of triumph.

"What are those things?"

"Heavy-ass boots, dog." Franklin said plainly.

"Really?" Dante grabbed the boots, and tossed them up in the air with little effort.

"Uh, what happened here?"

"Nothing important." Dante said as he took his foot off of Kratos briefly to put on the Iron Boots.

"You will be..." Kratos was then hit in a roundhouse kick by the boot wearing Dante, stunning him enough to get back to the position he was not 30 seconds earlier.

"Nice pair Link. Consider yourself safe." Dante chuckled, confusing Link quite a bit.

"I hate you." Kratos mumbled.

"Aww, I hate you too." Dante chuckle soon turned into a toying laugh.

"Good to see you two being so nice to each other." Franklin said as he sat down.

Celestia chuckled to herself.

Just like children.