• Published 3rd Oct 2014
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Fighters in Equestria? - Awesomedude17

Kratos, Dante, Franklin Clinton and Link now must live in Equestria. No adventures, no fighting.

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As Good as Any Other Explaination

-On the way back-

As the group of twelve walked back, the four humans had learned about where they were (Equestria), what the laws of nature was like (mostly controlled by the pegasi and earth ponies), and living accommodations (They would live under the watchful eyes of the bearers of the 'Helements of Armory, or whatever they actually said, they didn't really care about most names.)

"So, would you tell us about what you four do for a living?" Celestia asked.

Dante smirked, and simply said, "Demon hunter."

"I'm sorry, what?" Rarity asked.

"I hunt demons. That's it."

"You fight demons from Tartarus? That is awesome!" Rainbow Dash cheered out.

"Ehh, it's actually really boring if I don't get a real fight out of it, which is about 80% of the time."

"Damn. Dante, you are one crazy motherfucker." Franklin noted.

"Well you're friends with one if you know what one is, right?"

"Two. Both of 'em are a real couple of clowns."

"Oh, do they wear facepaint, or wear squeaky noses or..."

"Nah Pinkie, they might as well though. Wonder what those idiots are up too?"


"FUCK YOU, COPS!!!" Trevor yelled out as they were out running the cops in a high-end sports car that he stole with Lamar.

"Jesus, we got the whole five-O on our asses, Crazy Dude."

"Fuck yeah, we do."

"Probably off doing 'who knows what.'" Kratos sneered.

"I bet they already got the five-O on their asses."

"Five... O?" Twilight asked.

"Cops, police, law enforcers, etcetera." Dante explained.

"Oh, why?"

"At best, being a couple of drunk assholes."

"At best?" Applejack now knew that Franklin had to deal with two crazy ponies back at home, much like what she does with Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie.

"That's fingers crossed though. They probably destroyed something."

Link raised an eyebrow.

"Like what?" Kratos asked.

"Hell if I know." Franklin shrugged.

"Well, what's your job then, Ghetto Blaster?" Dante asked Franklin.

"Business owner of a towing company, a taxi company, an autoshop, and a medical marijuana store."

"Car guy."

"Wait, you own a medicine store, that specializes in marijuana?" Rainbow asked.

"Yeah man."

"I mean, it's legal here, but it's kinda a touchy thing to talk about."

"I know, it's kinda hectic in the states when it comes to drugs." Dante put in his two cents.

"Wait, four places of ownership, how did you earn that money?" Kratos said suspiciously.

Applejack noticed the suspicion and looked at Franklin.

"Well, I had a mentor to show me the ropes of my job, and before that, I was a repo man."

"Repo?" Applejack asked.

"Repossession man, you took back stuff that ponies missed too many payments on?" Pinkie Pie summarized/asked perfectly.

"Yeah, that's right."

"Sounds like you had a tough beginning, and won it all." Luna smiled.

"I guess I did."

"As for me..." Kratos started. "...I was a general to an entire army. But then the God, Ares, betrayed me. You would be best off not betraying me, lest you face your untimely demise."

Fluttershy hid behind Celestia, who just stared at the wrathful demigod.

"Dude, not cool." Dante disapproved.

"Yeah, not cool." Rainbow Dash agreed.

Kratos scoffed.

Link sighed. This was going to be a long time alone with three crazy people and a bunch of even crazier ponies.

"Hey man, I understand your pain," Franklin assured Link. "I deal with people like that on a daily basis, and that's just the bystanders."

Link smiled softly. He was still nervous, but there were people who he could trust now.

Kratos sneered and looked away.

"Aww, what's wrong Kraty."

"I am Kratos, not Kraty, pink one."

"Aww, but Kraty is a nice name."

"I agree." Dante put in his two bits.

"Both of you will shut up." Kratos threatened in a low, almost guttural tone.

"Stop gargling gravel, and maybe I'll listen."

"But he's not gargling gravel. I even know what it sounds like, and that voice doesn't sound like gargling gravel." Pinkie said.

"If you say so." Franklin said, trying to stay neutral.

Link looked the other way.

"You choose to betray me?" Kratos asked.

"I choose to stay out of this, ain't my problem." Franklin noticed Link nodding in response.

"Neutrality isn't always the best course of action." Rarity noted.

"Though sometimes, thangs like this ain't worth it." Applejack replied back.

"Oh, quiet you."

"Ohh... Applebutt and Diamondbutt are gonna fight each other?" Dante smirked as Applejack and Rarity shot death glares at him.

"Alright, you four humans will need to come with us." Celestia said in a motherly tone.

"Why is that?" Kratos asked.


"It's because we're dangerous?"

"Unknown. But if you are so quick to say that of yourself Franklin..."

Franklin inwardly cringed, but didn't show it on the outside.

"Alright, study us, but no scalpers." Dante set his terms.

"Alright, we're here."

The group soon ended up in Ponyville, where the humans took a backseat approach to what they were seeing.

After Celestia declared that Twilight would live in Ponyville and write 'Friendship reports' every week, Celestia took the group of humans, and led them to her private chariot.

"It's a fine chariot." Kratos said admirably.

"Indeed it is."

"Well then, let's use this waste of taxpayer money now." Dante spoke out.

"Chariots are actually quite cheap if you do it right."

The way to Canterlot was quiet and uneventful. Soon, the four humans and two alicorns were at the castle, and were now moving about with the walls.

Dante whistled at the sight.

"Nice place you got here, really big. Too big, perhaps?"

"Dante, times were different back then."

"So were ponies." Kratos spoke.

"Yeah, well ya know what, better here than the forest." Franklin put in his own two bits.

Link soon felt out of place, being unable to speak.

By Nayru's Love, why am I here? How am I here?

They soon entered the throne room, and Celestia went to her throne.

"Rest up Luna. After all this time, you must be exhausted." Celestia said softly.

"Yes, of course sister. Thank you." Luna soon left the room, leaving four humans and one princess.

"So, tell me a reason why you are not dangerous?"

"I only fight when they fight me first, or I'm saving my homies' asses." Franklin explained.

"My quest has already ended. I see no point in fighting anymore." Kratos told Celestia.

"I only fight the bad demons." Dante leaned against a pillar.

Link took his sheathed sword, and held it out to Celestia as a token of peace.

"I see. Well then, I see no reason to deny you freedom to do as you wish, provided that you do not harm my little ponies."

"I don't think that's gonna happen anytime soon." Dante said, right before noticing something in Franklin's back pocket. "Hey, what's that in your back pocket?"

"What?" Franklin then noticed that Dante asked him a question." Oh, here it is man." Franklin took out a sawed-off shotgun from his back pocket.

"How'd that fit in your pocket?" Celestia asked.

"Deep pockets."

Link replied by taking his satchel and pulling out a bomb bag.

"So you have that too?" Dante replied as he took out a guitar with lighting strings.

"You three have these 'deep pockets'?" Kratos didn't flinch much. He seemed to have 'deep pockets' too.

"Yeah, well then we all got deep..." Franklin soon fumbled the gun, and it went off, hitting the pommel of Link's sword, creating a spark, and it lit one of the fuses of a bomb. In a panic, Link grabbed the bomb, and threw it away, only for Franklin to grab it, and throw it to Dante.

The fuse disappeared.



When the smoke cleared, Dante was covered in ash, but was relatively unharmed.

"Are you alright Dante?"

"...You have made a powerful enemy Link." Dante said in a mock-serious tone.

Link cringed, knowing that he messed up.

"Maybe... we should split up." Celestia suggested.

"Yeah, we should." Dante said as he decided to look for a bathhouse. Kratos decided to follow Dante, if only for the bathhouse as well. Franklin went off with Link to grab something to eat.

Celestia sighed, and shook her head.

"More to come then." She smirked, thinking that these four would be a blast.