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Just some hidden brony with a s***load of ideas. Also available for assassinations (Not really, Deadpool does that.)


A demigod who killed the gods of Olympus.
A demon hunter who stopped a legendary threat.
A hero who saved two worlds, and has indomitable courage.
A former gangster who hit the big time.

And now they are stuck in Equestria , living mundane lives.

Naturally, it all has some hiccups.

Starts at the beginning of Season 1.

Chapters (4)
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Comments ( 38 )

Welp... I have no words for this premise...at fucking all.
So here's hoping I don't regret even daring to read the first chapter.

I'm actually kinda interested in what will happen in this story. You've certainly chosen a crew of people that's interesting, in terms of how they'll interact with one another. I hope you continue writing this because I look forward to seeing how a gangster, a demon killer, a hero of time, and the murderer of GODS will handle this new and strange situation.

5092833 Half the fun is doing things that you wouldn't expect. Kratos will definitely be the last guy to get used to this.

5092859 Amen. I don't think Kratos would EVER get used to not being able to kill somebody.

5092867 Anyone worth their salt in gaming would know that people like Kratos would not fit in well. Franklin might be the first on the account that he has a life outside of adventure already.

I can only imagine more motherfuckers joining these four in their adventures.

Dear God, what am I doing?

You're doing crazy shit, mein friend.

5092875 Honestly the one person I expect to be completely fine with the circumstances he's in right now is Link. I would think that talking ponies would be an improvement than hearing "HEY LISTEN" every. Other. Freaking. Five. Minutes.

Well, for all their differences, I could see Link and Dante taking all of this and just nod, they've gone through some crazy shit. And I'm not even taking Link's previous incarnations into account, since this seems to be the OOT/MM Link. Not to mention Link knows the value of friendship, since it was the bond he had to all the sages and Zelda that helped him defeat Ganondorf. And considering he's been looking everywhere for Navi, yeah, the ponies would be impressed...

...Is he a post-Termina Adult Link or the OOT Adult Link (with or without the Triforce of Courage)? And does he have the Blade of Evil's Bane with him? He could certainly use it in Equestria, might be interesting how Discord and/or Sombra might react to it's presence.

Seems Link and Franklin are gonna get along with each other best, since they're the half of the 'team' with the least explosive tempers.
Though Link, Date and Kratos have a lot in common (fighting and killing monsters, demons and (self-proclaimed) gods), they usually go about it in different ways. Dante is all style, Kratos doesn't care as long as it's dead in the end, and Link is both brains and brawn, he is an accomplished swordsman and master of all tools he has, a jack of all trades, if you will, overall weaker than the other two, but better prepared in any kind of situation.

...shit, don't tell me I've been writing non-stop again.

5097416 Link is post-Majora's Mask. As such, the Master Sword is still in Hyrule. He does have the gilded sword though.

And Franklin has been known to have nerves of steel. He managed to not be afraid of the Trevor.

Dante and Link are the nod and smile types here, Franklin might just be snarky, and Kratos is a hair-trigger.

Overall, this will end in laughter when they likely fail in fitting in.

Ah, too bad, would've loved to see Sombra shying away from it, it's the anti-thesis to his very existence. And the Triforce of Courage? Does he still have it? He should, the Link that went back in time and on to Termina still had it with him, after all.

And the Great Fariy Sword? I can already see Rarity gushing over it, despite it being a weapon. It is quite a beautiful design.

And what about the masks? Both non-transforming and the transformation masks, including Fierce Deity?

Sorry to bombard you with questions, but those always bubble up when I see Link in a fanfic...

5099804 Yes Link has masks. Matter of fact, I completely forgot all of them.

Time travel shenanigans allowed Link to have literally every mask, including the Deity mask. It's a last resort though.

The Fairy Sword may get an appearance as the group discusses the gear they have. (Which also will joke about Franklin's deep, deep pockets.)

Franklin's here? Dang. I wonder if airstrikes/summon cars still work somehow.:trollestia:

5116819 Franklin's car has limited gas.

Also, we have more Trevor fics than others, why not?

:rainbowlaugh: I didn't mean it like THAT! I meant that Franklin was there in a GOOD way.

(BTW, I have no idea how to link others, I'll learn.):twilightblush:

Also, about Franklin's "deep" pockets, when he pulls out a shotgun, Dante is gonna be like, :rainbowhuh:, Link's reaction will probably be "magic."
Kratos will be like.... I dunno.

5129190 What about a Carbine Rifle? Either way, eyebrows are raised.

The shotgun was an example. Still, HURRY UP WITH THE FREAKING SORRY PLOX.:flutterrage:

"...You have made a powerful enemy Link." Dante said in a mock-serious tone.

Poor Link, can't even say he's sorry.. :rainbowlaugh:

I cant tell who's talking most of the time

I can't wait for you to add the next chapter. I also can't wait to see Kratos' reaction to Gilda the Griffon (God of War 2). It's gonna be awesome!

Kratos, Link, Dante, and Franklin Clinton in Equestria

Franklin Clinton in Equestria


I have to say I really enjoy this. To me, it seems you nailed the characters spot on! Seeing Dante act like that to Kratos is just too funny! :rainbowlaugh: Anyway, I hope you will continue this soon! In my book, I'll give this a 10/10 :raritywink:


"More to come then," she said, thinking these four would be a blast.

These four would be a blast.

Would be a blast.

A blast.

Puns.......some call it the lowest form of comedy, and some call it simple wordplay. I call it the language of humorous intellectuals.

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