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Fighters in Equestria? - Awesomedude17

Kratos, Dante, Franklin Clinton and Link now must live in Equestria. No adventures, no fighting.

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A Rather Dangerous, and Standard Action-Packed Beginning

It was a peaceful time in Canterlot. Celebrations were high in the air as triumphant music filled the air of wonders.

Not much could go wrong.


That's what most would say, had four humans from different realities not come to Equestria all of a sudden.

How'd this happen? Let's go back to the beginning, when they came here in the first place.

We start in the vast undergrowth of the Everfree Forest, where a man with ash-white skin, and red tattoo covering his body laid.

He was weak from blood-loss, and tired from years of endless fighting.

There was barely any respite from his quest.

And now that it was done, he now laid.

If it were not for the convenience of his arrival healing his terrible wounds, he might not have survived for much longer.

Still, being raised in Sparta, born of Zeus, and a killer of monsters, titans and gods alike, it was unremarkable that he was now alive.

His name was Kratos, Ghost of Sparta, and killer of the Gods of Olympus.

His eyes fluttered open, a painful aching feeling over his own body.

He wasn't sure where he was actually. He knew that the world was close to ending, and he knew that he wasn't in Hades.

All he knew was that he had a self-inflicted stomach wound, and put his hand over the wound.

Except, the wound wasn't there, it had seemingly healed.

"What the?" Kratos muttered, head pounding.

'Agh, curses. Where am I? What had happened? Did I succeed? Did I kill Zeus?'

It was a question he couldn't answer easily in this state. He felt around, and grasped two familiar swords, the Blades of Chaos, the blades that had killed many a god. He looked around with his tired eyes, and found the Blade of Olympus, the very blade he used to kill Ares, and countless other gods as well.

He slowly got up, almost collapsing. He had managed to fight through worse however as a mortal, and fought it off.

'Wherever I am, I need answers, and I need to find out what had truly happened.'

As he walked off, so too did our perspective, as we shift to a different man.

Clothed in a red trench coat, with a black undershirt and pants. With a head of snow white hair, and combat boots well worn, the man groaned as he got up.

"Oh man, what happened?"

This man was born of a rebellious demon father, whom fell for a human woman, and gave birth to twins.

One was surely dead, this one knew firsthand. His name was Dante, Son of Sparda, hunter of demons, sealer of Mundus himself.

And he was confused.

"Woah... what happened? Where am I?"

Dante quickly hopped to his feet, and looked around, taking in the sights. He whistled, and smirked.

"I ain't in Kansas anymore, or anywhere for that matter, that's for sure." He took a few stretches, and popped his neck a few times, right before going out and about.

We change our perspective to a young blond man, who carried a sword and shield on his back, and a satchel of gear and trinkets. He slowly got up, pain filled his body, but was not crippling.

He had no voice, but his actions speak louder than his own words.

He was the Hero of Time, the one known as Link of Hyrule.

And when he awoke, all he could do was sigh.

'All these years of adventuring, and I keep ending up unconscious on forest floors. Nayru's Love, how'd I get so low?' Link thought to himself as he got onto his feet, and took a few tentative hops, right before he set out, hoping to find out where he was.

We finally shift over to a much more different sight, one where there was a crashed, white sports car, and the occupant in the driver's seat, a black man from the streets of Los Santos, sat. He came to and looked around.

"Oh shit, how'd this happen?" Franklin Clinton asked himself, right before the night before came back to him.

"Motherfucker... I got drunk... shit." Franklin tried to open the door, but it was jammed. The window was not broken, but that didn't stop the ex-gangster, and he took out a handgun, and smashed the window out, unbuckling his seatbelt and crawled out.

It was at the moment that he realized that he was no longer in civilization. He check his phone and saw no reception whatsoever, and sighed. It was going to be a long walk back. He checked himself and found only minor injuries, bruises and cuts. Those would heal in a matter of days. He decided to let hope be on his side and went off into the forest.

Kratos looked around this strange land and kept his scowl, wondering if his adventures was a dream, or reality. If he was dead, or in a new world.

He then came across a strange man, who then stared at him.

"Heh, about time I met another guy in this place." The man joked.

"And what of you?" Kratos demanded, smelling the mix of mortal blood, and demonic blood within him.

"Me? Name's Dante, I kill demons. You?"

Kratos scoffed, and spoke. "I am Kratos, Ghost of Sparta, killer of the Gods of Olympus."

Dante rolled his eyes, and came up to Kratos, despite the Spartan being a good foot and a half taller than the half-demon.

"Big deal, I've faced tougher guys than a muscle-head like you."

"You will hold your tongue, half-breed."

"Half-breed? What, you think being half-demon's a reason to be prejudiced?"

Kratos' response was to take his blades and swing them at Dante, who danced around the chained blades like he was playing double-dutch. He jumped a good distance away from the Spartan and smirked.

"Dunno if fighting's something I want," Dante took out Rebellion and swung in an over-the-top fashion. "But I will enjoy this one."

"I will make sure that you will suffer half-breed!" Kratos yelled, charging forward.

Link overheard a yell, which sounded like a war cry, and ran towards the offending person, not noticing Franklin, who was also nearby.

"What... hey, come back!" Franklin yelled out, running after the swordsman.

When he finally caught up, he noticed something that would almost happen in a Los Santos Comic Convention.

A white-haired pretty boy clashing swords with a muscly man with over-sized muscles and an equally over-sized sword.

And neither wore a shirt, even if the pretty boy had a trench coat on. Apparently, there was a torn black shirt near the battlefield too, so it could assumed that it belonged to either of them.

And then Link came to his side, bemused by the fight.

"Hey, the fuck's wrong with you, you passed me by." Franklin said in a hushed tone to Link, who just finally noticed the other person.

'What? Who is this?' Link thought, deciding to explain as best as he could that he couldn't talk.

Franklin however then noticed the motions the significantly shorter man was trying to do, and waved him off, paying attention to the fight.

Dante for one was done with swordfighting and jumped away, taking out Ebony and Ivory, and firing at Kratos' feet.

The demigod then took a bullet to the foot. He registered that it hit him, but it didn't penetrate his skin, and just looked at the man.

"Huh, bulletproof. Interesting."

"Whatever these so-called 'bullets' are, they have proven most ineffective against a god."

"Dude, shut it with the god nonsense. Bad enough I get it from nobodies who are even less threatening than you are." Dante said, putting the guns away.

Kratos scowled and took a large step forward.

Link decided to take action and jump into the fray.

"Oh look, a third guy. Little on the short side, aren't ya?" Dante mocked, smirking.

Link just took out his sword and shield, and kept a defensive pose.

"This battle is none of your concern, mortal. Move along!" Kratos yelled.

"Alright, this bullshit's gotta stop!" Franklin yelled out, getting out of his hiding spot. "I dunno where the fuck we are, or who the fuck you assholes are, but I ain't gonna let a bunch of fuckwits act like a bunch of dumbasses and kill each other. I already got stupid people as friends, I don't need stupid mothafuckas killing each other 'cause they is stupid, alright?"

Link raised an eyebrow at this person's crudeness.

Kratos wanted to slaughter this person for insulting him.

Dante then laughed.

"Oh man, ha ha... he's got a point... ho ha..."

"What's so funny?"

"Nothing... just... realized how stupid this is." Dante chuckled some more.

Kratos glared at the newcomer, and gave him a death glare.

Link sighed, and sheathed his sword.

"Aright, now that you guys aren't going at each other's throats, let's go and set up camp." Franklin said as he pointed at the setting sun.

Link hadn't realized how long he had been exploring, until he realized that he awoke late in the afternoon.

Dante dropped his joking demeanor, and looked around as he searched for firewood.

Kratos looked at the three men, and scowled.

"When we are out of this damn forest, we shall go our separate ways." He proclaimed.

"Yeah, whatever man." Franklin said, not at all afraid of the man. Link noted the immense courage this person had, or sheer stupidity, or both.

Dante then came back with a bunch of wood.

"Who's got a lighter?" Dante said as he set down the firewood.

Franklin took out a lighter and showed it to the three.

Kratos and Link raised eyebrows, but decided setting up the firewood was more important. So they did. Franklin lit the lighter, and let the fire grow until he pulled back, and saw the flames go up.

"We rest for the night." Kratos spoke in a commanding voice.

"Uh duh, we got a campfire." Dante pointed out.

Kratos glared at the demon hunter, who gave a mock-fearful gesture. Link rolled his eyes and poked the fire, letting the oxygen breathe into the flames.

Franklin for one, just sighed.

"What's wrong?" Dante asked.

"I'm stuck with a bunch of assholes, that's what's up, homie."

"Homie? Ghetto much, homie?" Dante smirked.

"Whatever man."

"What are you two blabbering on about? What is this 'ghetto' you speak of?"

Franklin facepalmed, and Dante scoffed.

"Stuff from 'not your home', Greek." Dante silently cursed himself, that insult sounded better in his head.

Kratos growled.

"Really, growling?"

"Hey man, stop doing this shit, it's bad enough we're stuck in a forest, somewhere we don't know about. Damn."

Link sighed, deciding to get some sleep.

"Y'all sleeping, homie?" Franklin asked Link. Link nodded in response and laid down.

"Shifts, we stay up in shifts, black guy, you up with me." Dante spoke up.

Unfortunately, all four fell asleep, right then and there, thanks to exhaustion from recent adventures they had.

When Link woke up, the moon was setting, and decided to watch.

It set and set...

And then it disappeared over the horizon.

Only to come back up over the horizon.

Link panicked and woke up Dante, who groggily looked at the rising moon.

"Wait, did we sleep for an entire day?"

Link shock his head furiously.

Dante raised an eyebrow, and then woke the other two people up, and explained what was happening.

"Wait, so you saying that all there is is night here?" Franklin asked. "That shit don't make sense dog."

"Well either it's demonic magic, or another world, and my money's on demons, so I'm taking care of this mess." Dante said as he took out Rebellion.

"I will join you, and I believe that whomever did this shall pay dearly for this controlling of the heavens." Kratos growled out.

Link took out his sword and held it high into the air.

Franklin just sighed, and shook his head.

"Why do I always end up in this shit?" He asked himself.

And then there was rumbling noise.

"What is that?" Dante asked.

"Sounds like some sputtering." Kratos noted.

Franklin knew what it was.

"Sounds like my whip, who the fuck stole my car?"

"You call a, whatever a 'car' is, a whip?" Kratos inquired.

Franklin facepalmed.

'I'm stuck with a bunch of clowns.'

And then a white Bravado Buffalo S came out of nowhere, nearly running over Link.

Kratos grabbed the car, and was barely holding his own against the strange chariot.

Franklin just lost it.

"My motherfucking car!" Franklin ran over to it, and opened the door, and saw a shadowy fog moving the wheel.

Dante shot at the shadow, which squealed in pain and flew off, letting the car decelerate and eventually stop.

"Motherfuck, man."

"So, demons took over your car, seems like a reason to get out of here." Dante said.

"This is a car? It's a horseless chariot."

"Yeah, yeah, whatever. Get in, that nigga is gonna get it." Franklin said as he got into the driver's seat, with Kratos getting into the passenger's seat, and Link and Dante getting into the back seat.

Franklin closed the door, and tried to turn on the radio.

Nothing. He figured this wasn't so bad, and drove off with the group.

"So, we figure out what the hell's going on, and then we do whatever to stop this fucker."

"It's a plan, not good one, but a plan nonetheless."

"Sounds more like a goal than a plan." Dante spoke up, with Link reaffirming with a nod.

"You will hold your tongue!"

"Hey, you mind not killing each other in my car, you'll ruin the upholstery. That stuff's expensive dog."

"Real nice, but it can be replaced." Dante smirked as he cracked his knuckles.

"No!" Franklin said sternly.

"...You're no fun."

"It ain't fun if you get killed over it, homie, so stop talking about fighting for just a minute."

"Okay, then how about pizza, I could go for a slice after all of this."

"...Ya know, that actually sounds pretty good."

"What is this... pizza?"

"Only the best thing ever big guy."

"I do not see how food could be the 'best thing ever' half breed."

"You're a Spartan dog, you've nearly starved when you were a kid. If you were starving, you'd think food was the 'best thing ever.'"

Kratos scowled, and the group soon came up to a run-down castle, where a bridge was still standing.

"So, we go by foot from here on out?" Dante asked.

"There's only a wooden bridge." Franklin answered.

Link got out, admiring the unique chariot that Franklin had driven.

Flashing lights came from the castle, and Kratos went into a charging movement.

"Hey, wait for me!" Dante yelled out, following the Demigod.

Link similarly ran after the two.

Franklin just sighed and ran after the others.

"Man, I always get the crazy ones."

When Franklin caught up, he found a peculiar sight, so peculiar, that the other three couldn't help but stare at.

Six ponies, blasting light into a dark horse, while it was screaming out in worry and fear and agony.

Soon after, the horse lost it's black coloring, and was reverted to a navy blue color with a moon shaped mark on her flank. Matter of fact, the other ponies had the mark on their flanks as well. Then came a white horse, and they soon noticed that the tall ones had wings and a horn, while the others had either or, or neither.

And then they talked about some mushy 'I missed you' talk that annoyed Dante, and decided to make himself known.

*Clap clap clap clap*

The group turned towards Dante's slow clapping. Dante was smirking, and decided to speak.

"Kinda a bad time to ask, but... do you know where we are?"

"Wait, who, what... we?" The purple one stuttered.

Kratos scowled, and jumped out of his hiding spot.

"You fool, we weren't trying to reveal ourselves."

Link came out of his hiding spot to put himself between the two fighters, and Franklin came out, shaking his head.

"Stop acting stupid, you two."

"You're stupid." Dante replied, lamely.

"What is going on Sister?" The navy pony asked.

"I have no idea. We'll need to ask them."

"About what?" Kratos snapped back.

"About who you are, what you are, and how you are here."

"All good questions. The name's Franklin."

Dante came forward. "Dante."

Then Kratos. "I am Kratos, Ghost of Sparta, General of..." Dante covered the demigod's mouth with his hand.

"No showboating, only I get to do that."

Kratos slapped the hand away and scowled.

Link decided not to do anything at this point. He figured that they were gonna butt heads, no matter what he did.

"And you are?" The pony asked, letting Link realize that he couldn't do much, and handed the same note that he always had on him since he realized that he couldn't speak.

"Link? Unusual name."

"Wait, your name's actually Link?" Dante scoffed jokingly.

Link pouted.

And it was at this one moment, that Twilight soon realized what might happen shortly after.

'We're doomed.'

Author's Note:

Back, and doing a story about after the end, where our four dumbass heroes are now trying to fit into normal life. Humor at it's finest will come soon.

Now, for the humans, we got Kratos from God of War, Dante from Devil May Cry (post DMC3), Link from Legend of Zelda (Ocarina of Time), and Franklin Clinton from GTA V.

Dear God, what am I doing?