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This story is a sequel to DETHKLOK in Equestria

The year is 2026 and the Shadow War is in full swing. The three most powerful P.M.C.s are in a global war and they won't back down until one is left standing. 6 men, 2 from each company are forced to work together as they are somehow teleported to Equestria. This is... Massive Action Game Equestria. Rated Teen for dark and violent themes.

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Damn, I thought it was going to be a Valve game. Oh well.

1883402 Oh well, at least it hasn't been done yet (to my knowledge.)

Edit: omigoshomigoshomigosh :rainbowkiss:

1883498 I know right, how many people have thought of this?

1883504 MAG was the best game. Hell, my user name is a callsign from a squad I used to lead. Raven represent :rainbowkiss:
"Everyone is a damn medic here."
Too true. Too goddamn true.

1883514 SVER was the strongest example. In all my weeks play SVER, I only a handful of people who weren't medics. It was okay, but annoying at times. I also saw a good handful of engineers. Overall, SVER likes to keep its number advantage.

1883575 SVER was pure numbers. My squad was close-knit and we had a mix of skills. Personally, I carried a medical kit to keep my sniper group alive. Well, me and my spotter. When you're in a good spot with a sniper rifle, you can hold off an army. Until an APC shows up, that is.

1883592 I prefer to get in close with a shotgun and blast off heads. I usually had heavy armor on to keep me alive, and maxed out health. I dislike snipers and I like to be indoors most of the time when on defense.

But we are all entitled to our own playstyles.

1883615 I wasn't a camping sniper, I was a QRF of sorts. Marksman rifle, PDW, light armour. Me and a mate would go after different objectives, blow them up, then move on. 4 groups of us doing that and the enemy team was usually reeling. :rainbowlaugh:

Playing as Valor, I used to play M.A.G. a lot last year, and I'm starting to get back into it! The game is amazing, though I never got to play Escalation.

I'm sorry :c I don't think I'd understand enough to truly give this story the appreciation it needs... :fluttershysad: I enjoy your work but I don't even know what this is :raritydespair:

I like it so far can't wait for more:twilightsmile:

1884054 It'll get more later, right now, just follow it and see where it goes.

1884062 I was about to read the first chapter, to see if I can at least pick up some basic understanding of the new series that I've JUST heard about :twilightblush:

Okay, just read it. I love how you connect all three stories by the way. I'll check this out, and maybe look into the this other.. Thing.. Whatever the story is based on!

1883642 Psssh, camping sniping is the way to go! I loved just sitting on top the buildings and shooting down the parachuters as they came in, easy kills once you figure out how to hit 'em!

Also Raven all the way! ....even if sver owned everyone....

1884404 Like I said, we're entitled to our own playstyles. Your is camping, his is mobile and I'm a (S.V.E.R) shotgunner.

Valor Medic bitches, suck my health packs!

damn I think I should re-download the game on my ps3, haven't played the game in about 2 years? BETA TEST WAS THE FUCKING SHIT. I hate when the beta is better than the full game. A good example would be Battlefield 3

I still like this man keep up the good work:twilightsmile:

so you went through with the story ^-^

1884486 What's the name of this game? You probably already told someone in a previous comment, but I am to lazy to look.

My guess is either Luna or the changelings.
Because they're EVERYWHERE.

A fanfic about MAG? That's awesome, one of my favorite games of all time. Haven't played it recently though.

I think Jose is going to be my favorite character in this story. I mean, who doesn't like reading about highly trained killers with serious issues staying in Equestria where it is practically peaceful. :trollestia:

1933874 That, and he is nuts. I mean, it was explicitly said that he used to be a serial killer, who joined Raven just to kill people without the law breathing down his neck. Tell me he isn't going to want to kill somepony. Tell me he isn't.

1933925 Oh I can already think of some......

in order to read your storys i always have to have google translate open. p.s i love where this is going

How do they know what humans are?:rainbowhuh:

2337101 There are two previous stories in this set, a Nazi Zombies crossover, the first, and a Metalocalypse crossover, the second. This is the third.

Fleshing out the characters more? Good move :twilightsmile:

2370955 The unknown need to be known more before they can go on to the more action part of the story.

Jose himself... seems a bit more unhinged from sanity than Pinkie was during her Pinkamena period in Party of One. :pinkiecrazy:

I think I know which Universe Discord went to.

FINALLY Awesomedude is a Genius with crossovers, he just takes forever, oh well. Great chapter 10 outta 10

oooooohhhhhhh boy this is bad.

2960640 This story is much darker than Dethklok, who were more dark than Nikolai Belinski, in a funny way.

This is a serious fanfic, with the sixth one fitting in with a dark theme too.

Who is he? He was called John Smith, but that's too... plain.

2960724 i would like to say you're right, btw WW3 will not end badly are the end for us, just us being human we are chaotic race that's for sure,

sure we may coexistence one day but in the end after we do we will still fight for love ideals and more to come. In the end we will not fight over money and power but for ideals and our ways of life in the end.

We are like the animals because hey we are animals too aren't we? Just like a wolf to his knee to a lions preying grounds we fight for what we think is right or wrong, and a hire hand protect both ends

Huh. I thought it was Nightmare moon.

Thats cliche.

Yes, but the evidence he gives point towards Nightmare Moon.

...Shut up, I'm supposed to be the smart one.

4214326 Please, I you see a NM tag here? What about, oh, I don't know, Sombra?

Geeze, facts can only go so far if you look at the character tags.

On another note, yay, I updated!

4214469 To be honest, I only look at character tags before I read the story for the first time so I don't notice any additions to the tags.

He also doesn't care about the tags, as long as the story is good.

4214488 What's up with the green text?

Will Rainbow Dash be beating anybody up in this story?

4219897 Not this story, but next one. :pinkiecrazy:

Sonic and Red, two buddies who snort catnip, then shit in the fountain. Sonic for Hire vs. Dick Figures, unite!!!


...the green text indicates that I'm talking:ajbemused:

It also signifies that I'm batshit crazy

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