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Wonderfully done!

I love the fact that Rarity, despite not caring for strawberries, tries them for Pinkie Pie's sake and provides constructive feedback. Friends being able to understand they may have differences in "taste" is an important Celestia-type lesson to learn. :twilightsheepish:

5169691 I agree, I figured that I'd do this because I felt like doing something different, and this was the most I could get.

Glad you liked it.

A few errors, like missing commas and some homonym mix-ups, but otherwise very nicely done. :pinkiecrazy:
Oops, wrong Pinkie. :pinkiehappy:
I believe one-shotober is basically when everyone does crappy one-shots because it's October.

5169706 Oh right, RainbowBob says he hates those.

Very nice. I would live for this to be a episode

5169780 This is an episode like plot, but know Hasbro, they'd have Pinkie Pie try to force Rarity to like strawberries.

Rarity , I feel for you so much. If you think there isn't a bother strawberry unloved out there, well there's one right here.

"Pinkie, Please understand It's not that I don't like strawberries, It's just strawberries don't like me" The Hay puff mare said.:raritywink:
Pinkie spun her head around and her eyes gave her a puzzled look " Oh you can try just one, PLEASE ,please please please, pleeeeeese!":pinkiehappy:
So giving in Rarity ate just one little bitty tiny squishie bite. Her eyes grew, her belly grew, everything puffed out and grew, Her form grew
to the size of the Good Mare Blimp...:raritystarry: Spikey took hold of her tail and pulled her along to the Doctors "Here we go again":moustache:

A strawberry can be such a nasty thing.:facehoof:

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