Fighters in Equestria?

by Awesomedude17

April Foals: Interview Thingy

"Why must I wear this cursed thing?"

"We're giving our opinions on this story we're a part of."

"Be quiet Dante, I have no idea why I even joined this crew."

"Because y'all needed the money?"

"Be quiet Franklin."

"HA HA HA HA!!!"

"Laugh it up, Link."

"Oh wait, it's starting."

The set lit up.

"Hello, we're the four human characters of the fanfic, Fighters in Equestria? Who wrote the name?" Dante scowled.

"I have no idea. I for one, regret this decision." Kratos leaned back.

"Well I'm underrated compared to Michael and Trevor. Those two assholes make me look like damn filler." Franklin shook his head. "Motherfuck."

"Hey, at least you three talk during the story." Link spoke in a rather deep, Scottish voice.

"Trust me, the silent ones are the deadliest." Dante laughed a bit at his own terrible joke.

"Whatever... as you may have known, the author is a piece of shit fuckwad who can't keep a time on his own damn stories, so we're gonna make this filler so y'all can make him get off his ass and write."

"Well, make sure his ass can stay near a computer, damn bastard walks two miles a day." Link shook his head.

"And yet he still keeps his gut." Dante remarked.

"Are we doing a 'bash the author' chapter?" Kratos asked.

"I guess." Franklin shrugged.

"Than maybe he can hold off on those 'Infinite Loop' stories."

"Well, that crossover between Ace Attorney and Five Nights at Freddy's was a great piece of literature, I'll admit." Dante smirked.

"This isn't working... too much shameless self-promotion." Link facepalmed.

"So what do we do?"

"Maybe he can finish that fucking chapter about the Nazi Zombies thing with ponies!"

"SHH, Nikolai, zis is ze wrong set!"

"Fuck you, Richtofen, I say whatever... holy shit, it's Grey Goose! I love that vodka, even though it is French!"

"Get away from the vodka, you motherfuckers!" Franklin got out of his chair.

"Let's just end this before there's any more messes." Kratos got up.

"Hey, wait, we didn't even ask any questions!"

"Do you want a fight, or a piss poor attempt of an interview. I'm out." Link stomped off.

"...Guess I'm leaving too." Dante got up and left.