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8 years since she came out.
8 years since they started dating.
8 years since she became different.
5 years since they married.

And now Applejack has to live the life of a princess, with Twilight. She was happy to be with her, but Applejack felt... empty inside.

She gave up a life on the farm for her true love, but she also gave up her talent, her calling to life, and and her family.
Was it worth it?

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Pretty good. Felt the feels.

2863341 Thanks man. Now to wait for the third user, a duo account.

This is a good story.

Very sweet. Ha Rarity and Big Mac.
Very well written and feeling were clear.

I loved this fanfic, it had a great story line and awesome writing. :ajsmug: + :twilightsmile: = :heart:

Aww that was very Sweet of Twilight. I'm glad things were able to work out for AJ & twilight.

im not a big fan of shipping twilight and aj but it was ok:ajbemused:

This was sweet. :heart:

Sweet story! :heart: Even if there is a bit of bitter aftertaste, from the beta couple, since I ship Rarity with Spike and Big Mac with Cheerilee. But nice none the less.

This story was difficult to get into, but once I did, it was very sweet. It's a good idea and a nice ending.

I admit it, I am downvoting, because the sentence-level writing made it hard to focus on the story and prevented me from "getting lost" in it. The errors just take me out of it too much, particularly near the start. The biggest thing is using the wrong words, which I'm guessing were auto-corrected or a misclick in spellcheck. To give you one example, you use "contempt" where you obviously mean "content".

It's a good concept, just needs that sort of low-level editing. Sadly, I'm not the person to do it for you, but if you ever do get it edited, PM me and I'll change my vote to an upvote. (I hope that doesn't sound like a demand or something, I just mean that I have a complaint, but if you ever do get around to fixing it (which you're under no obligation to do, obviously), let me know, and I'll revise my opinion. Wow, I just cannot phrase that without making it sound conceited. Probably why more people don't say that...

Anyway, keep up the writing!:scootangel:

3611389 Thank you for the criticism. I'll get into fixing it later this year.

That was a good story.:ajsmug:


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