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Five fictional characters and an OC. What will happen in this fan-fic?

I...Am perfectly fine with this! Good on you. I have no clue who some of these are but that won't stop me from enjoying this!:pinkiecrazy:

1474940Well, i guess the shao kahn was a fighting game but I dont know the Nickolai reality.

1474955 Stryker: Mortal Kombat.
Nikolai Belinski: Call of Duty: Zombies.
Hope you get around to enjoying them, they are awesome games.

1474967.... OH!
Okay, its been years since i played a mortal kombat game but now i remember it.
And I really cant be blamed for the call of duty one.... Okay so I can, its my fault i dont play CoD anymore.

1474981 Yep, The characters that were chosen were done so because I feel that they could bear the Elements of Harmony if the primary users were defeated. Just saying.

1474991I can completely see these characters taking these roles as the elements. I have my own personal choice for taking magic but whatever floats your boat. Im not going to argue with sound logic.

Hm. Deadpool in a giant cross-over fic with Nikolai, Stryker, Harry Potter, Link, and a normal guy.


1477178 And I'll just say, this will be deep and serious. There might even be something near the end that will make you feel uber-bad for one of our heroes.:raritycry:
Corruption comes in many ways, even in harmony.

You enjoy this fanfic.:pinkiehappy::raritystarry::twilightsheepish:

For the one dislike, if it was because of Link and the OC, you stupid.

The only reason i read this story was because the description said there'd be a laughing psycho. Yup Insanity for the win.

1478105 Deadpool does laugh, and he's a psycho. :twilightblush:
This story need more love, help me get it.

1478126 I hear ya bro i say get a sexy ass cover image. I can assume there will be gore yes or perhaps. A lot of violence? :duck:

1478261 Can you find a person to draw me an image? I can't draw shit.
As for the violence, it'll come up, it'll be like gory fight scenes, nothing too cruel, just awesome.

:flutterrage:, you stole my name scheme!

1478510 Sorry, didn't know. But I will not change it, because I am awesome, I am a dude, and I am 17.

1479901 You should have Nikolai and Applejack have a drinking contest. :rainbowlaugh:

1480081 Not possible, if you paid attention to the dialog of the story.

Yea i know but that'd be hilarious though

1480092 This is doing very well indeed. So far, the characters seem in character, and David just became an awesome dude. Was he 17 before? I wonder.

Keep up the awesome work.:pinkiehappy:

1481376 Right now, he's about 18-19.
Incidentally, the same age as Rarity in this fic.

David is aware of the fourth wall. He will not break it though. It is just to explain David's nonchalance towards Deadpool for the few times he's heard Wade mention the wall indirectly.

Also Nikolai cause im half Romanian.

14828651482864 I intend them to be comic relief, but the overall tone will be serious.

Butt monkeys.

I absolutely lost it when link questioned why he still had his slingshot. Oh well, continuing on!

This chapter screwed with my mind on so many levels. And I don't even care! This chapter was amazing!!!

This chapter didn't kill my brain like the last one. You have done well then. My guess is that by the 10th chapter we will be collecting the shattered remains of the fourth wall and someone will be crying in a corner.

1485063 You are actually not too far off.

1485959:pinkiecrazy:why do you think I said it? Thought I was talking with myself? No, I do that alone.


1489167 You mean poor Yellow Caption Box.


1489232 So he has two voices in his head?

I still like this. Don't know why... I wouldn't. Maybe it's the links to songs in every chapter that are annoying me. But it's not like this is breaking story flow so I'll stick with it. I should really be commenting in a semi living state.

1489370 To be fair, I don't remember him having two voices in his head during the Tolliver's Will story arc. Which, if I remember correctly, was the first time he had his very own comic book series. I still prefer the voices.

Great chapter, like how Fluttershy was finally introduced properly to Link (Fluttershy is best pony) and this chapter's head voices were good comic relief indeed.

Keep up the good work!:pinkiehappy:

1495010 Yeah, I figure that Twilight and Harry would get along well, as well as Link and Fluttershy, and Deadpool and Pinkie Pie (And White Caption Box and Yellow Caption Box too.) Rainbow and Stryker are going to be ambiguous. David and Rarity as well as Applejack and Nikolai are going to be fighting for a while for sure. I promise the next chapter to have ponies walk around for sure, or else I'm not awesome, and then my penname will be a lie..

1496204 Until I shave it off, I shall cherish it.

Change in music?
How about some teeth-grinding metal? :twilightsmile:

You sir... Are a FUCKING GENIUS!

...now would you kindly lay on this not so sterile table definitely not used for operations? :pinkiehappy:

1497595 Still gay for him, I assume?
As for the other story, how's that going?

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