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So much for that · 5:11am Jan 8th, 2015

Welp so much for a crossover, my idea for a Dark souls crossover got so convoluted that when I tryed to write it just wouln't work. So for now I've scraped it and am going to consentrate on onther idea I've been throwing around in my head for a while

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1598091 The idea was that The 4 lord Souls have begun to influence beings of power in Equestria and because of this the Chosen Undead after casting himself into the fire is pulled to this land. The primary concept is the chosen undead figuring out that the lord souls still exists and what to do about this. Kill them and get it over with or give them a chance.

Just read your blog.
What was you idea?

HHHHHEEEEEELLLLLLLLOOOOOO, sunburn, and thank you for the follow!
I really do appreciate it!
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