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Elements of Heroism: Season 1 Fanart help · 2:59am Apr 23rd, 2017

Hey everyone! My friend blueeyeswhitedragon0 Elements of Heroism story is taking off well, and he is thankful to all of you reading it! But he need your help! He want to make the story even better by adding in artwork of my characters! So I'm making this blog for anyone who's good at drawing in the style of Equestria Girls to make drawings of the characters based on the designs in his stories! Below you'll find a list of the OCs he will be using. Please reply if any of you can assist!

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Your welcome! 😁

Thanks for the follow!

Your welcome

Thank you for favouring 'The Legend of Broly':pinkiehappy:

I am sorry that I am bothering you like this.

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