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Ever wonder what happens to Neon when he's not dealing with his problems in The Hacker Pwny? Maybe he's learning more about Equestria, fixing problems others have dumped upon him, getting dragged along stupid adventures. Mostly just hiding in his cave. But let's look into random events in his life, that will have no actual impact on the plot

The point of this story is so I can write more The Hacker Pwny, but without the restriction of the plot or setting. Expect silliness.

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(CJ)Cave Johnson here, (TW)Twilight Sparkle here, (CJ)and we will be testing the least safe parts of science possible! First, we're going to see if we can turn Scootaloo into a chicken! (TW)For science! (CJ)Yes yes, for science! Then we will see if Applejack can survive if we replace her apple trees with combustible lemon trees! And last but not least, you all might have wondered, what happens when you give Pinkie Pie coffee? Well, we're about to find out! (TW)For science! And many more! The possibilities are endless!

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This is the story about the first ever brony. He made the first OC. He made great strides on Earth as a brony and even more revelations in Equestria. He made the spark. He started all brony culture. It is him that we should worship. He died for what he believed in, and for that we must respect him. His death was not in vein, and he lives on as his OC. No one remembered him. This is his story. His life. His journey.

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A 19 year old hacker has a troubled past. Will he find himself at peace in this new world? Or will he bring it all crashing down? Will his technologically superior mind keep him from getting killed? Will he ever find out why he's there, and who brought him there? How hard must he fight to keep going forward, to find the truth? Will he even want to know the truth once he finds out? Some truths are better left unknown.

This is an action/sci-fi/mystery/comedy story.

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