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This is the story about the first ever brony. He made the first OC. He made great strides on Earth as a brony and even more revelations in Equestria. He made the spark. He started all brony culture. It is him that we should worship. He died for what he believed in, and for that we must respect him. His death was not in vein, and he lives on as his OC. No one remembered him. This is his story. His life. His journey.

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Liked this story, and I'm sure the first brony did take hell. Like the metaphorical side of this story, like the riot and killing. ha Anyways thumbs and a :raritywink:


Alright, I'll be frank. This fic...guh, it's a VERY overused idea. Even worse...you really didn't execute it well.:applejackunsure:

There was soul put into it. I'll give you that. However, everything was just incredibly overplayed and exaggerated for the sake of ending the fic with a death scene...

...However, I can totally relate to this story. The constant comments a Brony will get for wearing FiM-related merchandise, having FiM toys, liking the show in general. I've been through it before, and I thought this story would symbolize it well. You kind of missed the mark of making this a powerful story for all Bronies to relate, but I can see your heart was in the right place.

In general, I admire the effort and imagination you put in! Nice job.

although I can believe that the first ever brony was hated upon a lot.... I doubt it was enough for him to get murdered, so that death scene is a bit too strong...

Hey um I don't mean to be the bearer of bad news, but um the original Bronies were Troll. It manifested itself on 4chan and just spread across the internet.

438585 then what of the first person to genuinely enjoy this show

the first is alway the worst. When something we thinks is different or unnatural, we will be afraid of life and began to hate the way it gowel us up. MLP FIM was the same thing. The first time i saw it was by a trailer nfrom boomerang. I said to my self: what are those ponies? Then is searth the net to find a 1080p HD video of the first two episodes. I think i take the shoot. Then I began to be a norvegian brony. Never have i regret it. Even when my mum busted me see those videoes. Good writhing. Good memories. Thanks for reamindin me why I'm hear.

Cant tell if troll... or just norwegian.

438893 only norvegian

Once more! with grammer beyond a drunken, disgraphic, insane 2 year old.

438945 sorry for the grammar then. Don't useally not have writing program in the internett. In for the record: I'm 16 years.

Oh. then in that case,
Once more! with grammer beyond a drunken, disgraphic, insane 16 year old.

440471 no. it's not. And if you got an grogde against me, plzz not take that here. I'm gona lover and tolerate the **** out of you.:pinkiehappy:
take them apples:ajsmug:

Take them grammar classes.

Take them grammar classes.


Didn't you hear him? He's Norwegian. They don't normally speak English. Unless he grew up with English speaking parents. And even then, you're being slightly hypocritical, just love and tolerate people for who they are. I could insult you by saying you're a grammar Nazi, but I won't.

I keed i keed. (cough)norwegian(cough)

This was amazing and sad AND I LOVED IT!

Sincerely the Doctor

441209 Thanks for aiding me for the insolt

440874 You need to take them to. saw you first post: garmmar
You had forgotten the R in the word grammar. See you are like others. No one is perfect. end it. I'm not perfect and neather you.


I think his point is that you shouldn't be commenting, because grammar nazis hang themselves at the grammar of non-english speakers. :pinkiecrazy:

455513 yea you shuld have said that like a week ago. I have reported the 2nd coment to the mods.


What I mean is YOU should stop commenting.

455635 all rigth all right. I will stop. But how can i not learning by doing if i stop commenting?

while this is overdone to a maximum point:trixieshiftright: it is good nontheless

lol double post!!!!

Nice story, but i do think that the first brony didnt die because of it. If anything, he's probably alive now.

I saw my first episode, in 2010 the one with the diamond dogs, I shall never forget that magical moment......:pinkiesad2:
months later i fell in love with the show more, so....:pinkiesad2:
lord, for some pony to stand up to a bunch of haters like that has my admiration. :raritystarry:
sadly for me I would fight back :trollestia:

Bucken love it, bro! :rainbowkiss:

Reminds me of when I looked at Ep. 1 S01. That moment when I saw lots of episodes. I must watch them all!!! :ajbemused:
A few Months later I finished. I had to admit. I had become a Brony. :pinkiesick: I was a bit sad because ponies are now taking over my life. Once I saw parodies I became a bit happy.

SOMEBODY HELP ME!!! Does this come naturally? :fluttershbad::fluttershysad:

Comment posted by Feather West deleted Jan 11th, 2013

Poor execution of a decent idea.

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