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Me? Male. Born 1995. I <3 Luna, Fluttershy, Sweetie Belle, Discord, and Octavia best, not in that order.

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I also sorta don't like Twilight. I don't hate her it's just she is like me too much and I don't like people copying my style.

Visual art seen in my DeviantArt. I am mostly here to read and take notes. Folder filled with awesome pictures I have collected since like hmm Summer 2013 I think. Fave Artworks That are not Mine Actually some are mine.

Favorite Stories. I have too many to put in the usual box.

All my favorites have been throughly examined to be cool/awesome/beast stories that can improve your life by reading them. These are just the top ones of the top ones. So visit my actual favorites list.

Twilight Fixes Everything
Hugs for all

Flux Tale
Living in Equestria
Power Surge
5 score / 4
Ford Mustang

Breaking her Stallion In
Overcoming Dash
Seductional Chaos
Hot Button

Dark/Sad/Deep stuff:
Musician Pie
Cupcakes Continued
There will never be a last laugh
You can Fight Fate
More You Know
Pegasus Device
Love and Rewards

A story is in its category because it would best fit that category. It is possible that a clop is very adventurous and comedic but it is still clop first (just as an example). If someone believes it is not in the right place just say. If you are the author and do not want my advertisement or want me to use a different word as the link just say. I will gladly change it. Also this one is too awesome to be categorized. Grave Series and Fatty's Maybe

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Thanks for the comment on Love is its Own Reward, it's really refreshing to hear that someone found it! Usually, once a story is fully published and slips from the front page, it doesn't receive a lot of attention. Some stories are immortalized in Equestria Daily the Fanfiction Vault, or one of those other high-profile sites. I never had the courage to submit a story to them, however. :fluttershyouch:

To be completely honest, I do not write for fame. I write because I love to do it, and I love to read well-written stories that respect the canon of FiM... while still taking full advantage of the format we have on this site! I publish my stories in the hope that others will enjoy them as I have, and also to receive feedback about what I did right or wrong.

That's why your comment was so meaningful. You summed up in a few words that you enjoyed that chapter, and why you enjoyed it. I sunk... goodness, probably sixty hours into that chapter alone, from conception to full release. It's the kind of story that demands three editing passes, making sure you get each character's dialog and way of speaking just right, or else it's all ruined. It's the kind of story that you have to look up how to prepare tea from a block, and still slip in references to other great Hasbro properties like "Larami" and the Hail-Fire NERF blaster! :twilightsmile:

So, your little comment makes all that a little more worth it. That's why I'm here, leaving you this nice post. I do hope you enjoy the rest of Love is its Own Reward, especially since I've received some less than stellar reviews for the last chapter. I'm hardly a great writer! :twilightblush:

Also, if you enjoy Love is its Own Reward and its sequel, I hope you'll check out the rest of my stories. I try to bring the same level of professionalism to all of them, but LiiOR is what I call "art". Other tales, like Bon Hadescream or Render Unto Them Wubs, are "action".

well it was a great story.
and life has been treating me well so i followed a bunch of people.
also its not like my say has any prestige in the brony world. that just because I wrote it in my wall people will read it. Im just 1 guy.
I dont even have a blog or any stories. I just have some favorites and a whole bunch of read laters (507 at the moment).
I edited this comment about 9 times

Woot! Thanks for the watch! And for putting The Gauntlet into your list of faves!!


yup. it was a nice one. took me some time. but then it hit me like a stack of pianoes.

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