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Some dude who used to write really bad crackfics and ran /mlp/arties at conventions. AKA Big Willy, MarineMarksman.


One day, 60's Era Spiderman accidentally swings into a portal and finds himself permanently stuck in Equestria. But does he give a fuck? Hell no! Did you forget who we are talking about?

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Some arbitrary number in the single didgets

Also im.fairly interseted to see where you take this nonsense

Comment posted by Mashmaster deleted May 29th, 2014

This is going to be the greatest.

:rainbowlaugh: this is funny
I'll love to see where your going with all this total bullshitery :rainbowlaugh:

It's always gonna be a good day when there's another 60s Spiderman fic on here.

60's Spiderman is like the distilled essence of every troll ever to inhabit the darkest corners of the internet.

That's what makes him so damn funny. :rainbowlaugh:

Dammit, I wanted to comment on the story and shit, but I forgot to give it a fuck.


1379740>>1379677>>1379569>>1379560>>1379414>>1379412>>1379392 Spiderman thread? :twilightblush:

Prejudice disliking of stories is pre-justified! :D

From that crazy ass thread in group, to this?

Man, you fucking physcopath.


This is the true answer to life.

Yay marine for once we have you back again~!


1380274 Do you even lift?

"But does he give a fuck? Hell no. Did you forget who we are talking about?"
:rainbowlaugh: Thumbs up, sir.


1383116 Hey, bro.



Short chapter because, like Spiderman, I don't give a fuck.

Besides, I have exceeded the word count of any other 60's Era Spiderman fic.


Uploaded a chapter? I WON'T READ IT, I DON'T GIVE A FUCK.



"Oh, I don't mind at all. He's just another stupid animal. He doesn't know any better." Fluttershy said

Oh, it hurt my heart when I read that. Hurt it so bad.

But then again, it's a 60's era Spiderman fic, so whatever.

Oh cool! New chapter! Not that I give a fuck, actually...

I feel some kind of competition is going to go down between Spidy and Discord... Perhaps a battle of fucks they do not give?

I haven't read a story in over 4 months. Thank you for breaking that "dry spell" with one of the stupidest and greatest things I've ever read. Continue this fuckery! :moustache:

I've found one fuck its my gift to you

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