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Bhuna, Cheesy, Judge and Dermo are four "humans" who have been alive for a very, very very long time. They have been through some of life's most enduring trials but have remained friends. However, what will happen when they are sent to Equestria. Will they have fun or go more insane than they already (technically) are?


Chapters (22)
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This is great! It gets to the point where I am at the point of spewing with laughter. Kepep up the good work :pinkiehappy:

I Was Hesitating On The Last Three Chapters (But I'm Still Reading It :rainbowlaugh:) And The Hesitation Was Blown Away By The One-Shot:pinkiehappy:


Getting good bra. KISSY FACE :rainbowkiss:

What Can They Say,They're Death-defyingly Cute:rainbowlaugh:

2390020 Ummm who is it you speak of kind sir :rainbowhuh:

2390704 Is Dermo Clutching His Heart Because Of Cuteness?

Or Sadness?

Let The Name Memorization COMMENCE:coolphoto:

And Then,In The Shadows Of The Tank.....A Tall Bi-Pedal With A Purple Suit And Green Hair Emerged From The Shadow,Due To The Radiation Produced By The Tank,The Shadow Acted As A Temporary Portal Of Sorts,And The Bi-Pedal Kept Hiding In The Shadows Of The Tank,Smiling Wickedly At The Devious Plan That He Conjured Up In His Head."Better Wait 'Till I Know What This Tank Is For,Then......I'll Bring Out The Party Favors".

He Patted His Pocket,Which Is Larger On The Inside,And He Got Out His Trusty Knife.He Killed,Skinned ,Stabbed,Decapitated,Slitted,Knocked Out,And Tortured Many Victims With This Knife.He Walked Up To The Trees To Do A Little Spying To The Creatures That Lived In This World.He Also Knew There Were An Abundance Of Feminine Voices He Heard And Also Some Masculine Ones.

He Sneaked Up On A Nearby Bush And Was Fake Surprised To See A Bear Hiding Behind It."Oh Bother,This Teddy's As Huge As A.......Bear AHAHAHAHAHA!I'll Make Sure Bats Will Get You As A Housewarming Gift,If I Do Come Back That Is."He Then Grinned Widely And Took Out His Knife And Started Slashing The Massive Mammal.The Animal,In Turn,Lashed Out On Him,But To No Avail,The Bi-Pedal Figure Has Slashed The Beast Too Many Times And The Blood Loss Has Caused The Bear To Go Unconscious,"Still Sleepy? Maybe This'll Wake You Up!"He Then Stabbed The Bear 57 Times In The Chest And Now Skinned The Bear,Leaving A Mass Of Muscle On The Ground."I'm Missing Bats Already,Let's See What The Animal Right's In This Place Will Say About This".

He Then Left The Area Where He Left The Muscle Of The Bear While Still Carrying It's Furry Skin While Humming A Happy Tune..........Then A Butter Colored Equine Trotted Into The Are The Bi-Pedal Was Leaving From.......

Well That Was A Fairly Interesting Tidbit............

Theron Guards:ajbemused:

Sorry About This But I'd Personally Just Get Either Organization XIII Or Some Nobodies...But Hey,That's Just Me:rainbowdetermined2:

2476098 Yo Theron Guards are bad ass. Also remember, these Theron Guards are Black Theron Guards. Elite Theron Guards. :rainbowdetermined2:

2476110 And Organization XIII Have Black Cloaks,While Regular Nobodies Are Just White With Black Linings...I'd Personally Pick The Dusks,Samurai's,Dancer's,Etc. And I Have Demyx With Me So HAHA,:pinkiehappy::rainbowlaugh::rainbowkiss:

2476234 :rainbowderp: Post a comment if you know or understand this.

i like it... some of it was hard to read but i figured it out, every last part :pinkiehappy:

I think you did the whole introduction to the humans a bit to quickly and made twilight and dash trust them to soon :applecry: plus with all the excitement they wouldn't have heard shy. that is what i think :pinkiehappy:

sorry about all the complaints... but don't you think they would have known that the humans were under control when they stepped out of the CARIGE... and again with my bad spelling :twilightblush:

that one was good and i liked it :pinkiecrazy: you little pervert :pinkiecrazy:

2479297 Good points all. However I don't see Dash as stupid. I don't think she would get into a fight with something that is three times her size and made of metal. :ajbemused: :twilightsheepish:

Fortune favors those that survive a Man with no history of anger's fury

While those that get angry on a daily basis...not so much

2784778Well then. Wait no longer good sir!:rainbowkiss::rainbowkiss::rainbowkiss::rainbowkiss::rainbowkiss:

Fucking awesome keep it up and tell sean I said hi

i thought cheesy had skin noww

2831741 It acts like a hologram. He can turn it off and on when he wants.:twilightsmile:

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