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Princess Luna has mastered the ability to split herself into multiple body, allowing her to take breaks from her royal duties, all the while fullfilling said duty. One of her favorite activity as of recent years is to go enjoy a nice grilled cheese sandwich in an unassuming restaurant near the castle.

Tonight however, as Luna walks in, she finds the owner, Cheddar Wheel, in despair. It seems that the restaurant isn't as popular as it once was and he might have to close down if things don't rectify themselves in the next month. Luna would want nothing more than to help the kind pony and save his establishment, but how can she do so without breaking her disguise?

There is no other solution to garner word of mouth... her secret identity must get a job!

This story was written for the March 2013 Lunaverse Alicorn Stories Writing Event.

For official chronological order of Lunaverse stories, and everything Lunaverse, please come visit us in the Lunaverse Group!

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Comments ( 15 )

This was awesome. I really like the way you wrote all the characters -- Luna, Paperweight, Bellemane. I like Luna's almost child-like pleasure in being a page, and Paperweight's enthusiasm, etc. Luna's dialogue with Wheel was also great.

Honestly, this would be a great addition to canon. :-)

HA! I love this SO much.

And yes, CANON!!!

It's head canon for me, anyway.

Luna liked the Trottingham rules. She herself had invented them after all, but they were missing something important for this variation.

Luna put a hoof to her muzzle, “I don’t think we’re allowed to bring kegs of ale on the castle grounds.”


Brilliant! Luna just seems so much more relaxed as Night Vision, and we get to see her mischevious side, just a little bit. Paperweight is still lovely, and Bellemane once again teleports away without learning anything.

Very nice story.

I do find it of that in 1000+ years none of Luna's alta ego's ever got a job.

My personal idea would have versions of her living entire lives to give her an idea of how the common ponies live.

Of course my crazy idea is that Granny Smith is Luna as well so take that with a pinch of salt :applejackconfused:

A little raw around the edges in a couple places, but overall this was fun.

Way fun!!!:pinkiehappy: Luna is best underhanded manipulator and prankbuster.:facehoof: Poor Bellemane...Poor, poor Bellemane:rainbowlaugh:

Small typos:

in the puddled.

You’re food is incredible

OI won’t stop

Cute, but now I'm hungry...anyone want a burger, or maybe a sandwich, I'm cooking

That was a very fun read, great job!

Good job Luna! *brohoofs*

Definitely a fun story. Would benefit from running stuff past a proofreader at some point, but still a fun story.

That was rather cute. :twilightsmile: Stupid Bellemane... *Tosses water balloon at her* Good on Luna, too.

I think that Bellemane was doomed from the start. After all, she was up against a princess who had been fighting (and winning) prank wars against gods for millennia.

That said, there is a commonality in this story to 'My Little Alicorn' and 'Bringing Up Blueblood'. Basically, there is an element to a character stepping out of their public role and enjoying just being nobody for once. As in the case of the above two named stories, Luna found that being Night Vision was, on occasion, more enjoyable and rewarding than being Luna. Then again, the Princesses' public personae are roles and masks of a kind, aren't they? It's always interesting to see behind those masks on occasion.

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