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Even alicorns need vacations sometimes, and Luna is taking hers. In the guise of the humble page Night Vision, Luna walks the castle halls. It will be a night of ink stains, mismatched plates, an oblivious musician, and spectacular hoofball goals. But most of all, it will be a night of fun and friends.

Directly inspired by Fizzy Orange's brilliant story 'Luna's Pet Project', which you should all go read immediately.
Written for the Lunaverse Alicorn Challenge.
You do not need to know anything else about the Lunaverse to understand this story, although reading Fizzy's story as a prequel is highly recommended.

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After the Gala fic, I think we can all use a bit of levity. Hence a story about Luna dealing with ink, place settings, and being a good hoofball player. :-)

Fun story. I sense a spin off series or another writing competition may be in the works.

"I can't hear you," said Luna, floating a cloak over the furniture. "I'm under a desk."

Her logic is uncanny

2271271: April Fool's Day is coming up, and it seems that Luna does let her mischevious side show when she's in Night Vision form...

Oh, this is adorable! Luna is having so much fun!

The "ink crisis" was hilarious, with even Archduke Fisher sticking his hoof in. And now we get to see official correspondence from the castle!

Ah, so Trottingham rules hoofball is soccer. Got it. Very good. Go Octavia!

2271649: All my knowledge of hoofball comes from the flash game, where it is basically soccer.

I liked writing out all the different nobles arguing over inks. It was fun. :) And adorable page Luna is always a joy to see.


Ink. Glorious glorious ink.

I'm glad I inspired this fic :pinkiehappy: Maybe we could write more of these in the monthes to come. FYI the way I envision Night Vision's cutie mark (essentially her own eye) it's designed to mean her talent is 'attention to detail'.

2272317: Well, it's April Fool's Day next month, and Luna in this form does seem to enjoy pranks and jokes... :-)

2272331 I wanted to do Crossovers for next month's writing event, though if you want to write more Night Vision then you should go ahead anyway.

2271271 That why she is the best pony in my view :pinkiecrazy:


There is only one type of Hoofball the one where you only use your hooves, any where you can actually pick on the ball just isn't.

Excellent.... so where's the rest of it?

Why would people not like this?

Good to see that Luna has a life outside of being the Goddess of the Night. Now; I wonder if she has any interest in gaming... :pinkiehappy:

This is set in an alternate universe where that didn't happen!


Why isn't my states name spelled this way.

“¡A nice soothing pink!”

¡I caught the reference!

Ermagersh! There are other Night Vision stories! XD

Maybe I can rule that those two need to go back to magic kindergarten so they can learn to play well with others, thought Luna.

That would be the best solution!

Great story!

Normally, Luna didn't enjoy meeting with that particular noble, but at that moment she would have gladly met with a timberwolf if it meant she didn't need to hear about ink for the next hour. "Very well. Send him in when he arrives."

I predict this meeting has something to do with ink. :pinkiehappy:

"Princess," said Fisher. "As you are aware, Equestria is approaching a state of war. In these times, the citizenry must have total faith in our goverment. We should do nothing, in my opinion, that invites them to question us." His eyes were narrow and serious. "Switching the castle's ink supply now, at this perilous juncture, could lead to ponies suspecting that this Court makes mistakes and is falliable -- else we would have chosen the correct supplier from the start. We--"

And I was right. :pinkiehappy:

Fancy Pants hid a smile behind his hoof. "Princess, you can't hide under your desk forever."

"Yes I can," said Luna, who was indeed crouched beneath her fancy, expansive desk in her office. "I'm an alicorn. I can do what I want."

"But you can't govern the nation--"

"I'll govern it from under my desk," said Luna. "I have quills and paper. And coffee. And none of the nobles will ever be able to find me again."


"I can't hear you," said Luna, floating a cloak over the furniture. "I'm under a desk."

Hey, if it was me, I'd do the exact same thing.

A few minutes later, Fleur de Lis entered the office. "Dear!" she said, embracing him. "How did the princess take the news about that salesmare who was arrested for trying to bribe the Court to use her company's ink?"

"It... seemed like a bad time to bring it up."

:rainbowlaugh: What. The. Ink.

"I heard she 'plays' with Luna in another sense, if you know what I mean," whispered Coffee Break right back.


"It already has. I'll be informing the Court at its next meeting that, by royal decree, we are going to be using a certain kind of ink from now on." Luna summoned a bottle. "See?"

Fancy Pants examined it. "...rainbow? Where did you get the idea?"

"From a friend," said Luna, smiling and beginning to trot towards her balcony window. "From a good friend."

So there, silly nobles. :pinkiehappy:

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