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Octavia's birthday is coming up, and Luna wants to make sure that she appropriately honors her favorite musician and close friend. In disguise as the page Night Vision, she works with another page named Paperweight to scour the city of Canterlot and find the perfect gift! Hats will be purchased, gelato will be consumed, and even powerful ponies like Prince Blueblood may find themselves roped into the shenanigans. But at the end of the day, Luna is confident that she and Paperweight can find a perfect present for a wonderful musician.

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An entry in the 'Over 1000' challenge for the month of June. Hope you enjoy!

Aww, that was really nice.

Glad to see Luna getting to chill out and have fun with her friends.

Paperweights crush / romance with Octavia is nice although a little sad in that as far as we know Octavia doesn't feel the same.

Will we get to meet Octavia's cousin at some point?

Blueblood in fine dickish form

But, if you’d rather talk with two little ponies who don’t even have one platinum-coated, diamond-studded carriage between them...”

This is such a great line.

Nice to see Duty Bound get a name check as well.

A cute and awesome story. Love it!

There were even forms for filling out other forms, although at that point she thought things were becoming a little bit ridiculous.

It reminds me of when Nomura-sensei was trying to get a Japanese minor approved, and he'd hit a snag filling out the paperwork (which was after he'd filled out the necessary paperwork to prove that he actually understood Japanese and, therefore, could request the rest of the paperwork). "So, now you submit the proposal for the minor?" "No, now, I submit the proposal to propose proposing the proposal for the proposal of the minor." "... nani." He just sort of, shrugged at that... point...

Hold on, Canterlot has an entire district just for hats? As in, an entire collection of shop where there are nothing but hats, many of which look almost identical except for tiny differences in the stitching?


No wonder the Night Court needs so many damn forms!

That was adorable! Paperweight is really sweet, and so enthusiastic. I can't help but wonder if she may be a little young from Octavia, though that may be just the way I'm reading the characters and not their actual ages. L!Octavia definitely reads as older than C!Octavia. And Paperweight really likes her mane.

Luna is quite lovely here, too. I think it really has been a long time since she's been able to interact with friends like Paperweight and Octavia on a level even approaching equals, especially with Celestia out of the picture. This seems like it's really healthy for her.

That was a lot of fun!

I'm not great with names, so I had to double check: It's Pageturner in the C!Verse, Paperweight here in the L!Verse. Two different ponies.

There's a Luna/Octavia shipping contest going on as well, but I think the rules say that it has to be romantic, and not friendshipping. It's too bad that Luna has to disguise herself to make friends.

Interesting that three of the four submitted entries for the "over 1000" contest have Blueblood in them... one as the protagonist, here as the antagonist, and the third as a cameo.

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Good to see Paperweight back again. And I love her relationship with Octavia! Hope to see more of these two.

Haven't read a good entertaining fic like that in awhile.

Very well done, indeed.

~Skeeter The Lurker

Enjoyable and sweet. It was a fun read.

But the distinct lack of wacky hijinx! A shopping story with so few wacky hijinx? No running from guards? Explosions (of pastry or otherwise)? Tut tut. ;P

This was beautiful. Can it be canon, please? Paperweight is made of win, here. And so is Luna.

2772571: I'd love for it to be canon, although it's ultimately RDD's call.
Glad you enjoyed it!

This was so good! I love love LOVED it!

Simple. I like it. That's the most slice-of-life I've read in a while.

I really liked that.
It's nice to see Luna have some fun time. And Paperweight is a nice addition.
Just the right amount of friendly and perky. :pinkiehappy:


Under Canterlot law, you have to fill out a form to place anything on layaway, and you have to pay at least 10% as a down payment. It’s form 3542-EZ, which you can get from the Canterlot Chamber of Commerce. Also, if you want to put more than a thousand bits of merchandise on layaway, you need supplemental form 45291-EZX. And I think if a noble is doing it, that requires 241-CEZ as well.

Why am I so reminded of German bureaucracy right now?...

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Luna lies about her identity and makes friends under false hoods? AJ would not approve princess.:ajbemused:

Moral ambiguity aside its a sweet little story.:rainbowkiss:

Heh. Octavia gave Paper Weight as set of Crystal Radios. i wonder if they were imported from the Crystal Empire.:trixieshiftright::facehoof:

Very sweet story, thank you!

Where in the LunaVerse does this pop up? Or is it non-Canon?

I like the thought of Luna leading a double life. I'd love to see another 20 chapters on concept of Night Vision & Co.'s adventures.

It does seem a little bit like cheating that she can split herself up. Do her 2nd and 3rd copies at least act less lifelike or are they all fully Luna (I'd like to imagine the copies functioning more as on auto pilot than as having fully formed personalities).

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