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One year after the Crystal Empire vanishes from the Arctic North, Princess Luna successfully usurps the Equestrian throne. As the threat of civil war looms ever closer, the captain of her Night Watch ventures outside the castle walls in a last desperate attempt for peace...

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...awwwww I get no credit for my awesome pre-reading skills... I FEEL SO UNLOVED!!

also, FIRST!

2279608 Oh damn. How could I have forgotten that. Sorry!

I liked it. Though I had one or two small complaints that a fair amount of these stories share: It just seemed . . . too easy for Celestia to win. I know there was the battle and everything but it just seemed that Celestia was able to win too quickly even with the elements. And with the Solar Era mention at the end it seemed like what Luna said was not entirely without fault that Celestia was a bit self-absorbed. Besides that, great story and I hope to see more from you in the future.

2404644 Thanks for the feedback! Yeah, I wanted it to seem like it was going to be no contest, and that's why Orion wanted to save as many lives as possible.

A sad, but poignant, one-shot that proved well worth the read.

5369118 Thanks for reading! I didn't get much traffic for this one.

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