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It seems I'm not capable of writing a bio without sounding really pretentious, so I'll keep it simple.I write pony-fanfiction. That is all.


A choice. A choice made eons ago... and the consequences still eons ahead. Comforted by the presence of Princess Celestia, Spike reflects on the bittersweet memories of his friends, their lives and their passing. As he recalls the decision he made in countless ages past, the gentle dragon can't help but wonder... "Might I have been better off?"

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A truly wonderful story, very well written.

OMGGGGG thank you for the happy ending, first fanfic to ever tear me up! Congrats and good job, I thought it was amazing personally! You really showed the emotions between the mane 6 in a beautiful, authentic way! One of my favs for sure! :twilightsmile:

This.... is a masterpiece. A truly deep and moving story. Thank you.

great tear jerker (didn't cry but i got close) but even so i belive he made the right choice i know how depresion feals just simply wnting to sit down and give up but sadly i would rather live forever and help those in nead then be mortal and know how many future lives i couldve helped save thats my problam though i just refuse to watch someone else be deppresed id rather take it all upon my self and watch them kive happily even if i would lose all who i cared about id still feal as though i didnt deserve to live if i refused to do something that could save others from the pain i feal
(some poems i made a while back that this fic reminded me of)

The Martyr
hate begets hate.tragedy causes tragedy. So give upon me all your hate sorrow fear and confusion for I shall be your catalyst for peace. Your martyr of destruction for I will Cary your burden till the end of my day's so as to at last create peace for all to enjoy for that is all the boon I need. To se peace and happiness among my fellow man

We may know much but we know nothing compared to the whole of the boundless space known as the universe for in its limitless bounds nothing is impossible for we are a small almost unnoticable ripple in the sea of time so we shall fight and grow till we are a vast monsoon covering almoast all of time but sadly we will never see all of this boundless universe but we will countinue to grow until we end so we shall at least say in what ever is after this life we learned all we could and left a mark on time wich shall take billions of years to remove and even after that more life shall come and do the same for we may die but curiosity shall never leave us even after we lose are mortal bonds for we are human and we shall never change our stubborn exploaring and ever questioning and loyal incomprehensible ways.

We need more sappy sentimental fics involving Spike and Rarity ending up together. My favorite parts were when they had dialogue between each other.

I really don't even know what to say. It is rare for stories to really touch me, but this moved me like almost nothing I have ever read before. I was reading it with watery eyes after less then then a quarter of the way through and that did not change until Spike woke up. You should be incredibly proud of your work here. This is one of the best stories I have read in a very long time.

HO MY GOD. The best. That's it. That's all I have to say.

Spike is now my role model.

This fic made me :fluttercry:. Mind you by the end they were happy tears but still it made me cry. I don't like to think of myself as being an overly emotional sort so it's always a surprise when I come across something that inspires real emotion in me. Thank you for this wonderful story.

Man this is the first time a fanfiction made me cr.... Sweat from my... You know what, no, I cried , I cried and I am proud

Wonderful work. I can not recall the last time I sobbed as I read.

How is it that you can do this? the strories i have read from you are just amazing and they just make me cry so much, I bow to your writting abilities, you have my respect. :pinkiesad2:

I can't explain how much i loved (and hated) this story very well. Suffice it to say i'm out of kleenex but am left with a delightful warm'n'fuzzy feeling. Before i read anymore i'll need to buy some more tissues, this time in bulk.

To respect your wish that the comments should have been turned off, let me just post this:


And expect some PM questions/comments too once I pull myself up from the puddle of tears. :raritywink:

:pinkiesad2: i cried the entire way through. you are a talent. thank you.

Well done and thank you kindly for the happy ending cause otherwise i would of had to track you down and do horrible horrible things to you :scootangel:

Truly an excellent read. All emotions were hit, and the moral of the story remained strong. Finally, you ended it with a happy ending, one that leaves the reader walking away in the same mentality as Spike. We understand the darker side, like he did, but we now know we can make the right choice.

I had a similar experience in that I had a dream that lasted approximately 70 years. The dream consisted of me living my normal life, getting up, and doing all the things I did until I was in my late 80's. Waking up from something like that when you are 16 years old is quite...world-shaking to say the least. Though that was several years ago, it still remains with me, and I do make alot of choices based on things that happened in that dream.

I'd like to think I am all the wiser for experiencing some of the loss that I experienced.

very well written, got me very choked up and nearly crying(couldn't quite get myself to cry, after "My Little Dashie" it takes quite a bit to get me to cry strangely enough, you would think that would make me more susceptible to crying) I honestly can't remember when I first read a story about immortality, but ever since then I have always listened to a saying that is pretty much that poem Celestia and Spike recited. Add the fact that it would get boring after too long and I would honestly never take the option. Also I have got to ask, where did the poem "Years become days, days become seconds, such is our curse, such is our blessing" come from?

I know the end is a Deus ex Machina... but Celestia damn it's such a great story...

This is the first time I have ever cried during Fanfiction

Gosh darnit, I have to stay away from fics with sad, romance, and Spike in them. Excellent work, just a deep and depressing thought about it though. Ended in such a bittersweet way. Poor immortals, anyway best wishes!

my god rainbow and twilight just stabbed spike in the heart with their comments..... anyways, why does it feel like I've read this story before, yet this is my first time seeing it? But no clue how to feel about the ending, I'm glad it was a happy one, but I at least expected him to share with rarity.

I have to disagree in calling this story a tragedy. I mean, look at that ending!

“'While you may still choose to take the Gift, I'm confident you'll make the other choice. The better choice.

I'm surprised you would have Celestia say something as... direct (I'm not quite sure what the right word is) as that. On the one hand, I can see how it would be trying for the individual, but on the other it's exactly as Twilight and Rarity said:

You've done so much good, and you've still got so much more to do.

“There are no wrong choices, my love; only choices. It's what we do with them that makes them wrong or right.”

To have Celestia say one choice is better than the other is completely against their last words, and really weakens that section of the story.

Really though, I enjoyed the story. I have mixed feelings about giving Spike a second chance like that, but you did a good job with the ending.

I absolutely LOVE stories about love between a mortal and an immortal. Just the mixture of emotions that comes from it: sorrow/happiness/depression/regret....it's all so powerful, and I'd be lying to say the story didn't make me a little misty eyed.

The ending kind of bent my suspension of disbelief, honestly I feel it would have flowed smoother if it was Luna who sent the dream and the second letter. Luna would be that direct, Celestia wouldn't. She's more of a passive guide, Luna seems more the type to actually try to push people towards the right choices. And her control of the night does let her manipulate dreams. That said, it was still an excellent story to read. And it's a part of the Sparity relationship that so few people really delve into, the really depressing part.


3225433 Keep in mind this story was before season 3. He really couldn't have known.

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