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Let's follow the tale of a dragon centuries old as he recounts the story of how he met his loving wife after being banished from his old, loving home

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Excited to see where this goes. Beautiful imagery and language. Definitely a thumbs up.

For your descriptions, do you mean "recount" instead of "recant"? To recount the story means to tell it, while recanting it means to take it back, to say that the story isn't true...

You have my attention with the story so far.

Well written I must say.....

Intesrting premise. But the fact that I just have to acept that everyone is an ass with Spike, for no specific reason is kind of annoying.
I wonder who is Spike's wife... Can it be Chrysalis? or Nightmare Moon? That would be fun. :twilightblush:

2715361 well, let's be honest; he isn't really treated much better in the series, plus this is from his memory in the distant future...

and that's going to be a surprise :pinkiecrazy:

2715477 Just as long it is not an OC. Unless it is a very good OC.
I can't wait to see Spike take over Equestria.

2715495 well than I hope you won't be too disappointed...

2715495 I for one, support our dragon overlord.

I have a feeling that Spike met another dragon.

faved and liked. my attenchen thou hath

Update soon, there are few carnivorous Spike stories out.

2720849 for the record, I am writing more but I am a slow writer

All I got to say right now is "SCREW THEM":flutterrage: I hope Spike makes them regret they banish him.:twilightangry2:

Gotta love the idiot hicks. Because Spike follows his natural instinct to eat meat he's a beast, savage and a threat to Equestria. Cause I'm pretty sure dragons don't live on grass, hay and flowers.

2781247 I think that was covered in the first chapter with the stomach pains

I swear Twilight and everypony are a bunch ungrateful bastards that need to be killed.

Well shit, that escalated quickly. So quick is not even funny, seriously. Not even an intervention of Celestia? No judge? No: Hey without me, you would have never defeat Discord nor save the Crystal Empire on the first place?
Whatever, I can roll with it. But now I'm sad cuz Spike's wife is clearly another dragon. I was hopping it'll be Nightmare or Chrysalis. Unless Chrysalis changed herself into a dragon.:rainbowlaugh:
[quoteshe] said that one of the reasons she’ll be sad is because of all the work she’ll have to do now that I’ll be gone Wow Twilight, you are a dick. :rainbowhuh:

2781758 well first, it was an angry mob that had to be addressed quickly before they started destroying the town and it would've taken too long to get Celestia or be told of his attributes over the selfish fear of harm

second It was intended to be a SpikexDragoness fic, I mean let me ask you this: how many others are there?

and finally, I thought I addressed this in the fic, this is what he remembers and he doesn't know why she said it, only that she was under stress

2781787 You rushed it son. Simpel as that. But don't worry, is not horrible or anything. Just rushed.
Yes there aren't many SpikeXDragoness stories. I fail to see the problem. And I'm not saying is a bad idea that you make one. Go for it, if it is what you want. :twilightsmile:

Those ponies are stupid it's not cannibalism I hope Spike will come back and kills them all

2785984 There isn't really a better word for it... it's not just him being a murderer, he's eating the body, and the closest thing there is a word for is cannibal

(well, there's technically "anthropophagy" which is "eating human flesh" and "hippophangy" which is "eating horse flesh" but it doesn't have the same ring)

2786083 I didn't mean to be a ass to u I was just saying those ponies are stupid

2786096 I know, it's just that point's been constantly on my mind since writing it... plus they were being fearful of their safety because they saw a killing machine in their town that they now see has the urge to do it

fluttershy is the biggest fucking hypocrite in equestria.

Let's not forget that she has a phobia of adult dragons that eat ponies... Plus she ONLY informed Rarity that he was eating something with hooves. Rarity and the rest of the town did the rest.

Welk really it was Rarity, Fluttershy and Twilight. And I blame Rarity and Twilight the most.
Rarity because I know that she'd be the one to force the issue out of FS atter she noticed her all shaken up. And then her spilling the story which created the mob.
Twilight because...really banishment?

2859526 Best to dispose of them all... For safe measure.

Return to ponyville and tell everyone off.

Return to ponyville and ruin everyponies' lives.

What a lovely first encounter. :rainbowkiss:
2859477 Do you need to post that same video on every story you read man?

I know what you mean, and Rarity is the one to blame, (and I will argue that Fluttershy is only fearful, not really responsible for the bad things) but as for Twilight, I ask you: which is better? banishment or execution? because even if they lock him up, he will die if he doesn't eat meat (which is why he'd be in there) , so what other option is there for her to choose for Spike's punishment (seeing that practically the whole town doesn't want him in their society) ?

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Comment posted by KARLOS1234IFY deleted Jul 11th, 2013

2859665 No not really just driving home the point.
The mane six's negligence and ignorance of Spike's feeling.

Let's just say Spike is going to murder his maker. (:twilightoops:)

2859826 Why you made 3 differente comments? :twilightoops: System error?
Haven't play Prototype 2. The first one was... unpleasant.

You got a point there. Though I think Twilight was thinking less logically. Though I'm sure Celestia could have come up with something but I blame Twilight less.
RD, AJ and PP I have no idea what to think of them, I'd imagine they'd try to help Spike but I'm not holding my breath.

spike's revenge
:fluttershysad: burn's her cottage and eats all the animals.
:raritycry: burn off rarity's mane and tail, eat all of her gems and sweetie belle.
:twilightoops: eat that damn owl, burn's all of her books and takes the world's most epic shit on twilight's face.

Great chapter, doesn't feel rushed to me. :moustache:
On another note:
I want Pinkie to open a portal to Equestria, just for a day or less.:pinkiecrazy:
I just want to knock Rarity into the next month:twilightangry2::ajbemused:. Then I'd go back, maybe:twilightsheepish:.

That must've been an awkward trip back to town for Rarity.

Talk about being a HUGE bitch, that rarity...

I hope Spike slaps Rarity with his claw on fire.

You can always count on Flutterbitch to stab you in the back. Not really suprised by what Rarity said/did either. Aot of times she's about as deep as damp napkin.

My anger for the mane 6 especially Rarity is giving the urge to rip them limb from limb.
I hope Spike disembowels Rarity with extreme prejudice.
As such as the video below.

At this point Clestia should of slap Rarity and imprison her.

2944041 it wasn't just her, remember? just about everyone in the town she talked to about Spike was like that... at least that's what I thought I said

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