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That was...nice.

I have this to say: Dawwwwwwwwwww. Good story

She had had a long wonderful carrier, and the name Rarity was recognized everywhere.

You want 'career' there mate. Otherwise it was an interesting read.

Silly spelling erors make me sad :fluttercry:. and embarrassed.:facehoof:

All fixed!

Aww... I saw "banished it to the moon, a volcano, a distant land" and was hoping for the joke that never came...'or a volcano in a distant land on the moon.'

But I should probably finish reading now. :moustache:

Nn... ok dieing should be dying, and I'll explain why...
For a long time I assumed dieing was simply pidgin English, but in fact it is a proper word, however, it does not relate to the cessation of life. It actually means the cutting of a materials with an object called a die.
Dying refers to life ending.

Aside from that, it was perhaps too brief... Though luckily yours ended differently from the one I started writing just previous to reading this... :duck:
Ah irony that I would find an older story so startlingly similar to my own work in progress... Maybe the world only has a finite number of ideas after all.

Very nice, very cute in the end!

225489 Heh, you're telling me. I've found four or five fics that cover most of what I wanted to with the one I just started writing. I have a few original pieces. but you're right, we're running out of truly original ideas you and me :rainbowderp:

265764 Well I think I lucked out with my newest idea, it seems to be the first time it's been done... now I just have to squeeze enough filler out of my less than magical pen and hope I don't throw the pacing off to a horrible degree.

I have to admit, I was pleasantly surprised when out of nowhere, someone gave me a rather fantastic review on something I wrote on FFN years and years ago when I was still HORRIBLE at it. So I now know I'm not a terrible conceptualist at the least.

The irony is that I know my current project will never be as good or long as I intend it, so I'm actually planning on requesting someone to rewrite it better when I'm done :facehoof:

265804 Heh, I know that feeling too. Well, the rewriting one. I've got a novel trilogy on my mind, but I can't summon the mental fortitude to write it, so I've been thinking of having someone write it for me, with me just explaining the universe and a few key points.


Thanks! I missed it. All fixed. :pinkiehappy:

wow... loyal to the end

That left me feeling bitter sweet. Very good. :pinkiesmile:

*salutes the Spike* LIKE A BAWSS. >:C

Bitter sweet, She was :raritydespair: he was:moustache: time always wins.:facehoof:

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