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Arthas Menethil, Crown Prince of Lordaeron and Knight of the Silver Hand, was the son of King Terenas Menethil II and heir to the throne. He was trained as a paladin by Uther the Lightbringer, and had a romantic relationship with the kind sorceress Jaina Proudmoore.
Despite his promising beginnings, Arthas became one of the most powerful and evil beings Azeroth would ever know. Taking up the cursed runeblade Frostmourne, he became a death knight, led the Scourge in destroying Lordaeron, and merged with the Lich King. Ruling as the dominant personality of the Lich King for years afterwards, Arthas was defeated in combat by adventurers of the Alliance and the Horde and banished from the world of Azeroth forever.. but to where?

*For those of you who are WoW fans, this is a story where Bolvar Is never crowned the next Lich King and the Helm of Domination is sent to Equestria along with the fragments of Frostmourne.*

*Being Rewritten*

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A WoW crossover? I like WoW, but I can't play it due to the ridiculous fees.:twilightangry2:

If the powers of Ner'zhul and control over the Scourge is somehow stripped from Arthas without a new Lich King being crowned, who controls the undead legions? Azeroth would be overrun by the leaderless Scourge.


Exactly, But thats Azeroths problem now. :pinkiecrazy:


Fordring banished Arthas knowing it would be the doom of Azeroth?

This looks good so far, I am looking forward to what you have in store.

hey buddy this is really good it actualy inspired me to put arthas in my story:pinkiecrazy:

Nice. A bit rushed for my liking, but it's quite interesting story. Can't wait for more.

The plot moves faster than a laser beam and the grammar really needs editing to reach even a decent standard. Upvote only when those are fixed. :trixieshiftleft:


This is actually one of my slower paced stories...

Meh, I Need to get better at pacing stories

That was ironic given the fact that in the episode the Crystal Heart utterly destroyed Sombra and not one of them batted an eyelash about it. Fuck you Cadence, you useless alicorn. :pinkiecrazy:

First Chapter:
*towards the pedestal the held my blade - towards the pedestal that held my blade
Second Chapter:
*any direction to do the howling - any direction due to the howling
*of all things dead freezing to death in a blizzard - eh maybe you should re-word this
*teeth together in as I walked off - teeth together in pain as I walked off

The only other thing I can think to point out is that the whole introduction to the pony's felt a little rushed. Everything else was put together wonderfully though, you did a good job of showing a concise plot as well as inner monologue. I'll be looking forward to your next release. :pinkiehappy:


This will not be the last of the peaceful meetings between the mane six and Arthas, I'm not going to take it that fast

Alright... as much as I love the whole Arthas, The Lich King, in Equestria idea I /have/ to point out all the mistakes for the sake of the story - because by the Emperor, I want to see this succeed.

The pacing was really rushed in some places. Like tragically so. I think most would agree when I say that a fair amount would have enjoyed seeing a thorough and lengthy version of The Crystal Empire episode from Shining Armor, Cadance and Arthas' POV. For some reason though, I don't mind the sudden jump to Sombra's defeat too much; though most likely just because we get to see Arthas in all his merciless power and glory. (Personally I'm really hyped for the moment Equestria is thrown into war against legions of the living dead; or otherwise living, soon-to-be followers of the new Scourge)

I kinda like how Rainbow Dash reacts to Arthas. True, you never really explained in the story if he still has his armour, but I suppose you decided to leave it to the reader's imagination? (note: this is a /BAD/ move as a writer) Speaking of: the dialogue between characters, similar to the pacing, is really rushed in some places. Not to mention rather unsatisfactory and "hollow", in a sense.

Example: "I scoffed internally." First off, you don't need to use Italic for something explained in first person. If anything, it should have gone like:
"I scoffed internally at the unicorn's statement." or "The very freezing cold of Northrend once bowed to my presence. He knows nothing. I scoffed."

You're using "your" where "you're" should be used, both in chapter 2:

"Oh your awake."

"S-stop! Your crushing him!"

What I really did like about this story though, is specific character's reaction to Arthas:

>Rainbow Dash (like stated before) reacts immidiately with hostility towards the unknown bipedal entity and is equally challening in her tone

>Sombra's ability to sense the darkness that resides (resided) within Arthas, and his initial fearful reaction when he discovers this is something far darker and more evil than himself (it was kind of a forced confrontation between the two, but I won't go into that considering he's dead and out of the picture)

>Cadance reaction of indirectly casting him out of the Crystal Empire because he killed something/pony (sure, they killed him off using the Crystal Heart in the episode; but I can imagine choking Sombra to death using dark magic is looked upon as far more worse end than painless dispersing by a powerful artifact consisting of pure love and harmony).


All in all, an interesting idea despite all the pinpointed errors and mistakes. Tracked.

EDIT: Sorry if the reviews was a little messy in some places. Kinda tired and a headache is brooding.

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A Symphony of Frost and Flame

Isn't that the name of the last level in the Frozen Throne DLC fro WC3? :raritystarry:

2143904 Correct in all aspects but one: Frozen Throne is not a DLC, it's an expansion pack.

2143949 Ah, sorry, that's what I meant. :eeyup:

2142998 Actually it didn't really look like the death of Sombra in the Episode was that 'painless'.

2145508 Sombra was "turned to shadow" as Celestia put it, so if he had been in a physical form it may have been different. By the way, this sounds more like an infuriated scream of anger to me, rather than actual pain. If he really was feeling pain he didn't show it.

But I digress. It's a show for little girls, and I highly doubt making the bad guy scream in agonizing pain would be a smart move on the creator's part. I mean, can you imagine someone on the show screaming like this? (personally, I think it would be cool)

Interesting story. Gonna follow this one to see where it goes :)
I do hope it doesn't take another month for a chapter.

You have started on a interesting path. I hope it will be good experience to read it.

interesting story so far gonna fave for now at least but i have never played wow so hese names are all confusing.

Interesting, remind me of an other story, but were Arthas was turned into a pony, and was good again, I hope in this story he his still the badass Lich King.
And for Sombra, I thought he was made of pure shadow, and this is why he was disintegrate by the light of the Crystal Heart. (Even if I think he can come back, after all, you can't defeat what lurk in the darkness.)

True you can't entirely destroy the darkness, without destroying everything else.

2147431 You know what would be great? Sombra is alive and we discover that him and Nightmare Moon were the results of the mad gods :pinkiecrazy:

2147724 You write good stories, good stories make me happy, so I watch you to make you happy, like that you will write more stories and I will be happier! :pinkiehappy:

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2148076 Yup, it's this story. I don't like it, but I don't hate it either. I follow it only to see how far the author will go. And for the fact that the Changeling are from the Nerubians, or something like that I don't remember.

Comment posted by Alex Wadegrove deleted Sep 6th, 2015

2148066 He will Not become a pony in this story,

If he stays evil or at least heavily morally questionable i will be very pleased.
And didn't Arthas dominate the mind of Ner'zhul at the same time or shortly after he destroyed the last recognizable trace of his humanity?

2148066 I have one of those, you can borrow it if you'd like. Just clean and oil it when you're done.

2148753 Good. Because claymore happens if he does.

2148944 Why, thank you for the kind offer. But that will not be necessary. They are quite cheap where I live, should the need to buy a new one ever arise.

*For those of you who are WoW fans, this is a story where Bolvar Is never crowned the next Lich King and the Helm of Domination is sent to Equestria along with the fragments of Frostmourne.*


omg so awesome!

2161957 Yes... Let's lure him into a false sense of security by letting him believe Frostmourne can stand against Scottish steel and then take his head!

There are still several errors that your editor didn't fix.

2169465 Feel free to point them out, I will fix them

2169465 I would like to point out: I only helped him with the writer's block. Regrettably I forgot to mention it needed editing before being posted. Yeah... Bad me.

Havn't played WoW in years, still love this! :D Keep it up!