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Hi, I'm TAW. I write terrible erotic my little pony fan fiction about cartoon horses having sex with each other, or vaguely defined human audience-inserts, for fun. Because... uh. I have no shame?

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Ah fuck, I can't believe you've done this

You are ridiculous! How do you even come up with this stuff? :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

Honestly, I read the description, and I had no idea what to think... :rainbowhuh:
I'm reading it anyway. :twilightblush:


with a description like that.... guess i sorta HAVE to read it to see wtf is going on.

:pinkiecrazy: Hehehe the first thing that came 2 my mind as soon I read this:
"Akikan!" is a Anime series of Soda girls, yes, SODA GIRLS I bet u will like it :pinkiehappy:
:moustache: Please keep up the good work my good sir

still have no clue how to comment. in fact... i'm so lost as to what just happened that i lost all ability to capitalize sentences after that.

i guess my 5 stars will have to suffice for a review.:twilightsmile:

Alright so on my iPod that "romance" tag said sex when I saw it on the front page...

So. Finished reading it. Only thing I could think was "da fuck?"

Faved and fived just because you SOMEHOW made fucking a bottle of coke erotic. The fact you can make a total wtf clopfic like this and I am entertained by it is just mindblowing.

Weird. Awesome. Strange. Sweet. That's all I can say. It was sexy, but also touching. i loved it.


I.......I honestly have no idea how to react to this. It takes someone truly talented to make screwing a bottle of coke, for lack of a better word invigorating

Why, oh, why, do I love this so?
Oh, right, because TAW is awesome.:pinkiehappy:

Why is the thought of having sex with a glass girl filled with Coca Cola so DAMN HOT TO ME??????:flutterrage:
Well anyway the story was surprisingly sweet and creative.::twilightsmile:

i uhm wat?:applejackconfused::applejackconfused::applejackconfused::rainbowhuh::derpyderp1: just what?

When I read the description, I thought you were running out of ideas, but after I read it, I just couldn't believe how good of a story it actually was :rainbowkiss:

Brilliant. Simply brilliant.:moustache:

Now lots of people are going to discover that they have a Cola fetish...


Where did you come up with this??? It's.. it's... messed up is to say the least.


Coke pone is somewhat of a thing in /co/'s MLP threads

What did I just read? I don't know, but I really want a coke now.

why did i like this so much 5/5

This has got to be easily, THE most interesting, original idea of a pony I have EVER read about ever.

You sir, Are a Scholar and a Gentleman. :moustache:

Seriously, you should take this idea, and continue with it to make another (probably slice of life style) fic.

I'd read the SHIT out of it.

Plz make more!!

You know I've seen a pizza pony, think you could make that work?:moustache:

Ok he came in her, what's gonna happen when she needs to be emptied again?:rainbowwild:

So this is Coke's secret ingredient...well then...

Wow, I remember reading this a few nights ago elsewhere (wondering where all the coke pony has gone, we need more images of her). It's very nice I think, I enjoyed it, as nonsensical as it was. And cute, it must have been fun coming up with the personality.

Having intercourse with an edible product... Never thought shipping could go this far. Damn.


Now every time I drink a bottle of coke, I'll think of how sexual it is. :twilightsheepish:

I can't believe that I actually clopped to this... :rainbowderp:


I can't believe that I actually /wrote/ this!

Why am I so aroused by this?!

A... pony made of glass filled with coke.
I... I don't even... How...

wow, I read clop for the lulz (ie not turned on)and now i know i have a fetish i didn't even know existed
I is confuse:rainbowhuh:

Aw, I love it! More please. Maybe spin a tale set a few months later where pizza pony rocks up and upsets things.

You are so correct sir/madam!
There is absolutely no excuse for what you have done.
I no longer drink Cola (of any description)
"Lo, and behold: for thy mind art no longer a virgin"


I have the strangest boner now, the strangest boner, man.

At first I was like:duck: then I was like:twilightsmile: and finally:pinkiecrazy:

Touching story and interesting character! Brilliant!

Dear sir there is a jizzim in my coke. Uhhmm yes indeed.

INGENIOS MY FRIEND!!!:twilightsmile::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh: COKE_PONY RULES!!:trollestia:

Holy shit! This is freakin hilarious. I don't understand how people have such creative minds. :rainbowlaugh:

That was hilarious, and somehow not even remotely erotic. Probably because I glossed over it and got stuck on the fact she lives completely alone - what the hell happens if she were to get that crack in her back without "your" help? Considering she said she couldn't move without pretty much cracking in half, isn't she basically doomed?

.....I'm reading way too much into one line of dialouge, aren't I?

Oh yes, and before I forgot...
PEPSI > COKE [/fanboyishness]


I imagine she'd be more careful were you not around, it was your fault anyway. I dunno, I don't think sentient coke bottles are the hardiest of life form anyway!

I've never felt such arousal while laughing so hard it hurts to breath.

Wait... how the hell did i get here

This was... er.. *takes a swig of soda* ...quite interesting to say the...
*looks at bottle*
*gently puts it away*

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