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Hi, I'm TAW. I write terrible erotic my little pony fan fiction about cartoon horses having sex with each other, or vaguely defined human audience-inserts, for fun. Because... uh. I have no shame?

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>"What're we gonna do on the bed?"

That good sir is when I lost my shit. I don't know how but this clopfic made me laugh more than any other I've ever read. Good job on this one man, you captured Pinkie Pies personality perfectly and this was a joy to read.

Another great Clopfic as usaul dude!



Thank you:pinkiehappy:

I have no words, to describe the lol and awesomeness I have just experienced. YOU, MY FRIEND, ARE A CHAMPION!!!

How does one even begin to comment on a clopfic? :rainbowlaugh:
Good job, sir, is all I can think of. :twilightsheepish:


Much the same way you comment on anything else - we clopfic writers, much like real people, thrive off of criticism and compliments in equal measure.
"Good job, sir" is more than appreciated

That may be the case, but considering their nature, commenting on clopfics proves to be much more difficult than on every other story. :twilightblush:
In a nonclop other story I can appreciate the original idea, the emotions it caused, the story and consequence, fitting in the canon (or not), etc.
But how does one measure the quality of a clopfic? By the level of "arousal" it caused? By the magnitude of wingboner created? :rainbowlaugh:

Like this one:

Well, I'm glad I could give this much at least, but after considering it slightly more, I can also congratulate you on capturing the truly unique personality of Pinkie here. :pinkiehappy: She really felt... what would be the right world... well, right. Like the canon Pinkie. And that's no easy feat, I think.

Looking at your story folder here, one could say you are a very potent clop writer. OK, this doesn't sound like a compliment :twilightblush: but I meant it that way. Please, consider yourself watched (followed?) from now on. It will take a lot of lonely nights to read through your whole folder, but it will certainly make them more fun. :rainbowlaugh::pinkiehappy::rainbowlaugh:

P.S. Overall, this 2 person fics kind of remind me some of those Japs erogames. :rainbowlaugh: You know, with the mute (not voiced but only subtitled) main character and a plethora of eager and willing girls to assist. :rainbowlaugh: Bah, just my twisted imagination. Pay it no heed. :raritywink:


That's fairly accurate, and great feedback. Clopfiction doesn't have to be meaningless smut, after all. A lot of my stuff falls under the category of waifufiction more than clopfiction - in that while the sex is there, and is important, the main point of the piece is the characterisation more than anything else, so to that end I always strive to write the character as true to the show as I can. The blank-slate audience insert helps with this, of course, because they're a character that can change to suit the situation and require fewer changes to get the canon characters into bed. Except Fluttershy, she was a bitch to get into bed at all.

Right now I would like to quote craked spoon there on the first comment.

"What're we gonna do on the bed?
That good sir is when I lost my shit. I don't know how but this clopfic made me laugh more than any other I've ever read. Good job on this one man, you captured Pinkie Pies personality perfectly and this was a joy to read. "

And I say lost my shit aint the half of it. :rainbowlaugh::pinkiehappy:

"What're we gonna do on the bed?"

I shiggity what you diggitied there.


So did I, so did I :moustache:

clopclopclopclopclopclop; i really love the way you portray Pinkie :pinkiehappy: daaammmnn HAWT!!!

1st person present tense what were they thinking I mean goddamn.

...Fuck's wrong with first person present tense? I like it. Not anywhere near as hackneyed as third person past tense, and much better than the wish-fulfillment laden second person anything...

Excellent story! Loved the romantic aspect of it as well the self-gratifying clop, it was hot.....very hot....might have been too hot....oh my that's not good, it seems that I have caught a severe case of 'Fire Crotch' *sigh* I told myself I would have to stop enjoying clop so much to prevent this from happening again, oh well it was worth it. Now if you'll excuse I have to speed-dial the Fire Department

Very very hot ^^:heart::pinkiehappy:

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