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Rebecca, a pony created from a Coca-Cola bottle, is sent to Equestria to promote the product from which she is made of. While there she comes across another pony made from a bottle of Pepsi. Can love bloom in the midst of corporate rivalry? Maybe.
If anyone knows who made these two, let me know so I can give proper credit.

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 46 )

I just can't bear to read this. Just... just take my thumbs and leave me alone, please.

Just the description gains a thumbs up from me, I don't even like soda.

525756 YOU!
My GRANDFATHER'S name is Chester....

525812 Then prepare to be offended. Mua ha ha ha... :pinkiecrazy:


525824 Actually, I live about 10 minute's drive from where they shot one of the cop chase scenes.

What on earth are you two talking about?

525853 Looks like punisher143 isn't on a mission from god....

525867 I unknowingly offended his grandfather in my most recent story, and he is obviously peeved about it.

is their child dr pepper?

man i can imagine...... wait a sec how will they...... mate?:applejackconfused:

Don't ask. I've thought long and hard on that subject and... yeah. :derpyderp2:

And the Great Wut Armada set sail.

If I remember right, TAW created the Coke pony and used it in a second-person clopfic.

I dont want to read this. But damn it, whatever kind of kush you hit on the weekands, you probably need to lay off. :twilightoops:

p.s: I dont feel like giving you a thumbs up without reading it, but please feel free to accept my genorus offer of a hug :pinkiesmile: :heart:

They shipped the pizza pony, so why should the soda ponies miss out?

...Really, now I'm curious.


Indeed. It was fun and rather cute, actually. Just like this story! Sweet and cute. Anyhow, tracking and thumbs up.

Pizza pony? Where?

The pizza pony story is Touch, Don't Taste. In a way this helped inspire this story, if only in concept.

hello i dident read the story im just here to say this- Why dose this not have a comedy tag like COME ON!:raritydespair: how can someone take this serously:rainbowlaugh:


this fic gave me diariah! the charactor idea......

" ohh caleb moaned rebecca, as they where locked in a heated make-out session, She could feel his tounge taste her inner liquids through her mouth, his warm tounge snaked down her thrown and lapped up her cola. "shalle we... exchange sodas?" she asked, still panting from the moment of passion they shared...."

dafuq did i write?


My brain is full of buck...

Crack fic ahoy!

I mean really, cola ponies?

I'd like to think that the romance will be played as straight as possible, but everything else is played for laughs. There's no way I can take this seriously without playing around with absolutely everything I can for all it's worth.
So, did you like it?

Oh my god, I love this. Tracked and upvoted.

what the hell did I just fave?

Omg sooooooooooo cute!

DESU, I mean SQUEE!:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

I just finished reading and i think you have something going for you in this series!

I really do hope that you make more.:yay:

Sweet jesus I love this idea. Though i do question Vinyl's taste in soda... :facehoof: you sir have gained a thumb and a fav, cant wait for more:pinkiehappy:

oh dear lord i do not see this ending well. or it could end great. imagine if they had kids..... dear lord..... anyways tracking

I need to wash my brain, let me go for a few minutes.

*Shooty gun soundie thingies*

Brain is now cleaned, thanks for your time.

:pinkiehappy: Still waitng for that next chapter....
even if it takes years :pinkiecrazy:

622497 And a new soda is born. Pola.
Don't judge me names are hard. Dx

4789647 Pola for a boy, and Cepsi for a girl. Really, IRL, I don't see why they don't just combine their companies.

4789718 Because then they would have to share.

4791724 Oh, and making EVEN MORE MONEY is suddenly a bad thing?

4791743 It is when you have to stop your dick waving contest in order to make it.

3412650 so far it's more than two.:pinkiecrazy:

Yeah sorry about that. It's mostly that I'm working on a couple other stories that I totally forgot about this one.

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